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6th Edition
ISBN: 9780327188919
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View or download the free 2015 Online Supplement for this product.This widely used coursebook introduces law students to the intricacies of civil litigation in New York and presents issues in the order in which they arise in a judicial action. This Sixth Edition includes the most recent legislative changes and litigation problems that reflect new developments.

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Table of Contents

Part One: Selecting The Litigation Forum
Chapter 1: Jurisdiction Over The Defendant: Is New York The Right Forum?
Chapter 2: Judicial Discretion To Decline Jurisdiction
Chapter 3: Choosing The Proper Forum Within The State - Subject Matter Jurisdiction
Chapter 4: Venue: Refining The Choice Within New York
Chapter 5: Commencing The Action And Service Of The Summons
Chapter 6: Defendant's Response To Plaintiff's Forum Choice: The Appearance

Part Two: Timeliness Of The Litigation
Chapter 7: The Statutes Of Limitations and Related Concepts

Part Three: The Structure of the Litigation
Chapter 8: Joinder of Parties
Chapter 9: Claims For Contribution And Indemnification
Chapter 10: "Special" Parties: Indigents, Infants, Incompetents And Conservatees

Part Four: Developing the Litigation
Chapter 11: Motion Practice
Chapter 12: Provisional Remedies
Chapter 13: Pleadings
Chapter 14: The Bill of Particulars
Chapter 15: Disclosure

Part Five: Resolving the Litigation
Chapter 16: Accelerated Judgment
Chapter 17: Settlements and Stipulations
Chapter 18: Pre-Trial and Calendar Practice
Chapter 19: Trial

Part Six: The Effects of the Litigation
Chapter 20: Judgments and Relief From Judgments
Chapter 21: Appeals
Chapter 22: Enforcement of Judgments
Chapter 23: Res Judicata

Part Seven: Special Litigation Problems
Chapter 24: Confronting Unlawful Government Activity: Article 78 and Related Remedies - A Procedural Bramble Bush
Chapter 25: Arbitration: An Alternative to Litigation