City Manager's Desk Reference, State and Local Government Series

Provides step-by-step guidance and practical tools -- sample plans, policies, training materials, and model handbooks -- to help city managers with daily tasks.

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In small and midsized cities, the city manager often must assume the responsibilities of department heads. These communities rely on the city manager to fulfill many of the city government's duties. From performing financial duties, to designing water rate plans, to handling emergency dispatch calls, a city manager is the catchall employee for communities that cannot afford to hire additional professional staff.

The City Manager's Desk Reference comprises three sections:

•  Developing Organizational Abilities: This section discusses how to develop the desired organizational abilities, including the cultural issues involved, developing the city's mission and departmental missions, and the values that give an organization a common purpose and direction. It includes a sample strategic plan and a model advisory board handbook.
•  City Services: This section deals with the services provided by the city to its residents. Among other useful tools, this section provides a sample public works design manual and a model street maintenance operational manual.
•  City Operations: This section deals with the departments that support the city government and its operations. This section contains a model leadership development handbook for city employees, a sample personnel policies and procedures manual, and a model safety handbook.

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Authors / Contributors

Table of Contents

Part I – Developing Organizational Abilities

Chapter 1 – Cultural Issues

Chapter 2 – Vision and Mission

Chapter 3 – Ethics and Values

Chapter 4 – Governance

Chapter 5 – Management Philosophy

Chapter 6 – Strategic Planning

Chapter 7 – Customer Service Program

Chapter 8 – Advisory Board Handbook

Chapter 9 – Community Assessment

Chapter 10 – Branding Your Government

Chapter 11 – [Reserved]

Part II – City Services

Chapter 12 – Police Services

Chapter 13 – Fire Services

Chapter 14 – Emergency Medical Services

Chapter 15 – Emergency Management

Chapter 16 – Pandemic Preparedness

Chapter 17 – Planning and Development

Chapter 18 – Building Inspections

Chapter 19 – Economic Development

Chapter 20 – Parks and Recreation

Chapter 21 – Library Services

Chapter 22 – Animal Control

Chapter 23 – Public Works

Chapter 24 – Airports

Chapter 25 – Streets and Transportation

Chapter 26 – Stormwater Utility

Chapter 27 – Water Management

Chapter 28 – Wastewater Management

Chapter 29 – Solid Waste

Chapter 30 – Gas Utilities

Chapter 31 – [Reserved]

Chapter 32 – [Reserved]

Part III – City Operations

Chapter 33 – Finance

Chapter 34 – Treasury

Chapter 35 – Performance Measurement

Chapter 36 – Information Management

Chapter 37 – Legal Services

Chapter 38 – Human Resources

Chapter 39 – Model Employee Policies

Chapter 40 – Employee Leadership Development Handbook

Chapter 41 – Risk Management

Chapter 42 – Model Safety Handbook

Chapter 43 – [Reserved]