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Carbon Trading Law and Practice

Publisher: Matthew Bender
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In Carbon Trading Law and Practice, author Scott D. Deatherage provides practitioners with a comprehensive practical guide to the US and international practice of carbon emissions trading. The book includes a comprehensive examination of state, federal, and international climate change and greenhouse gas laws and regulations, emissions trading, international and EU law, other reduction programs, carbon credit projects and financing, climate change disclosure, and the US regulatory regime for greenhouse gas regulation and emissions trading. The book also provides a detailed description of the development and current status of greenhouse gas regulations in the United States, and the current state of affairs in terms of US carbon markets.

The use of market-based systems as a means of regulating emissions and other environmental pollution or degradation is a growing phenomenon. As nations and states appear to be responding to scientific pronouncements regarding the existence and causes of climate change, environmental markets appear to be one of the main tools that will be used to address greenhouse gas emissions. Carbon Trading Law and Practice provides the fundamental explanation and the underlying legal systems and issues that serve to create and sustain carbon credit creation and the trading of these credits, and a series of related legal and business issues.


•   Excellent guide for practitioners involved in the voluntary credit market or the developing market for those that will be required to meet greenhouse gas emission restrictions in the future
•   Comprehensive treatment of the areas of law surrounding carbon trading, including accessible explanations of key issues and terms

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Table of Contents




PART ONE The Emergence of Carbon Markets

1 Prelude to Regulation—The Development of Climate

2 The Emergence of Emissions Trading Concepts

3 Fundamentals of Cap and Trade

PART TWO Regulatory Structures

4 International Law

5 The European Union Emissions Trading Scheme

6 Emissions Programs among Other Kyoto Countries

7 The Emergence of National and International Carbon Markets

8 Developing Laws in the United States—State Laws

9 Developing United States Law—The Courts

10 Developing United States Law—The Environmental

11 Developing United States Law—Congress and Proposed Federal Climate Change Legislation

PART THREE Carbon Project Development and Carbon Finance

12 Carbon Credit Project Types and Methodologies

13 Carbon Credit Project Development

14 Carbon Finance

PART FOUR Other Credits That May be Generated From Carbon Credit Projects

15 Other Environmental Attributes, Including Renewable

16 Ecosystem Services: Wetlands and Biodiversity Credits

17 Water Credits

PART FIVE Government Incentives—Stimulating Carbon Projects

18 Government Incentives for Renewable Energy and Other Types of Projects That Generate Carbon Credits

PART SIX Carbon Trading—Selling Credits and the Carbon Markets

19 Fundamentals of Carbon Trading

20 Contractual Issues in Carbon Trading in the Primary Market

PART SEVEN Carbon Accounting—Carbon Assets and Liabilities

21 The “Carbon Ledger” and Carbon Credit Accounting

22 Climate Risk Disclosure

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