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California Wills & Trusts (Complete Set: Treatise, Forms and Drafting System)

This fully integrated series provides analysis, practical guidance, forms, and an automated drafting system for wills and trusts in California.
Publisher: Matthew Bender
Frequency: (1 issues)
Loose-leaf with CD
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ISBN: 9780820529004
Publisher: Matthew Bender
Frequency: (1 issues)
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This complete set of California Wills & Trusts products provides you with analysis, practical guidance, and forms, as well as an automated drafting system. Streamline your drafting process with the indispensable resources and functionality of this bundle at one low price. These complimentary products include cross-references to one another so you can refer easily to the treatise while using the software and easily find the appropriate forms and clauses when researching an issue.

The California Wills & Trusts Treatise is a clear, practical 3-volume looseleaf guide to planning, drafting, interpreting, and executing wills and trusts in California that explains the law and underlying estate and tax planning concepts. First published in 1991 and updated annually, inside you'll find extensive coverage of:

• Wills
• Testamentary and inter vivos trusts (both revocable and irrevocable)
• Durable powers of attorney
• Tax laws affecting estate planning
• Laws governing the disposition of estates
• Cross references to Drafting System.

The California Wills & Trusts Forms is a full set of up-to-date forms for California practitioners organized for maximum user convenience. The set contains complete forms for wills and trusts (including revocable and irrevocable inter vivos trusts, life insurance trusts, charitable trusts, "special needs" trusts, and others), forms for additional provisions, and related items including client questionnaires, letters, codicils, durable powers of attorney, and waivers of marital rights. Specialized forms are included for Registered Domestic Partners. A unique numbering system lets you find what you are looking for quickly and easily.

The California Wills & Trusts Drafting System Software operates on the HotDocs® platform, bringing greater flexibility and ease of use to our extensive collection of forms. The Drafting System is a fully automated document assembly product that enables you to create wills, trusts, powers of attorney and related documents by completing an electronic client interview that contains all the specific information the program needs to assemble the appropriate documents, including:

• Wills
• Codicils
• Revocable trusts
• Irrevocable trusts
• Financial powers of attorney
• Health care powers of attorney
• Letters and forms for clients
• And much, much more!

A final document is generated in either Word or WordPerfect so you can make changes and tweaks, plus you can modify the language in the program for custom phrasing or conditions. Standard and specialized forms are included to address a wide variety of testators' intentions and situations, including forms tailored for Registered Domestic Partners.

Free telephonic and web-based training is included, and tutorials on the disc walk you through the steps so you can use the software with confidence.

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Table of Contents




Chapter 1. Overview of California Law Governing Disposition of Estates

Chapter 2. Overview of Tax Laws Affecting the Disposition of Estates

Chapter 3. Selecting the Proper Estate Planning Devices

Chapter 4. Ethical Considerations and Professional Responsibility

Chapter 5. Conflict of Laws

Chapter 6. Planning for Registered Domestic Partners

Chapters 7-9. [Reserved]


A. General Considerations

Chapter 10. Introduction to Wills

Chapter 11. Requisites of a Valid Will

Chapter 12. Office Procedures

Chapters 13-19. [Reserved]

B. Form and Content

Chapter 20. Organization of Wills

Chapter 21. Devisees

Chapter 22. Property Devised by Will

Chapter 23. Provisions for Payment of Taxes, Expenses, and Debts

Chapter 24. Devises--General Considerations

Chapter 25. Devises of Money and Personal Property

Chapter 26. Devises of Real Property Interests

Chapter 27. Residuary Devises

Chapter 28. Devises to Minors

Chapter 29. Devises of Businesses and Business Interests

Chapter 30. Charitable Devises

Chapter 31. Powers of Appointment

Chapters 32-34. [Reserved]


B Forms and Content (CONT'D)

Chapter 35. Nomination of Executors

Chapter 36. Powers and Duties of Executors

Chapter 37. Nomination of Guardians for Minor Children

Chapters 38-39. [Reserved]

Chapter 40. Disinheritance and No-Contest Clauses

Chapter 41. Funeral and Burial Arrangements

Chapters 42-59. [Reserved]

C. Special Aspects of Will Drafting

Chapter 60. Joint and Mutual Wills

Chapter 61. Contracts and Other Instruments Affecting Wills

Chapter 62. Revocation and Revival of Wills

Chapter 63. Codicils

Chapters 64-79. [Reserved]


A. General Considerations

Chapter 80. Introduction to Trusts

Chapter 81 Planning the Trust

Chapter 82 Basic Tax Considerations in Trust Planning

Chapters 83-89. [Reserved]

B. Form and Content

Chapter 90. Requisites of a Valid Trust

Chapter 91. Organization of Trust Instrument

Chapter 92. Settlors and Beneficiaries

Chapter 93. Appointment of Trustees

Chapter 94. Trust Property

Chapter 95. Trust Provisions for Payment and Distribution of Income and Principal

Chapter 96. Powers and Duties of Trustee

Chapters 97-109. [Reserved]


C. Particular Types of Trusts

Chapter 110. Testamentary Trusts

Chapter 111. Revocable Inter Vivos Trusts

Chapter 112. The Marital Deduction and Marital Deduction Trusts

Chapter 113. Generation-Skipping Transfers and Trust Strategies

Chapter 114. Irrevocable Inter Vivos Trusts

Chapter 115. Life Insurance Trusts

Chapter 116. Charitable Remainder Trusts

Chapter 117. Charitable Lead Trusts

Chapter 118. Special Needs Trusts

Chapters 119-139. [Reserved]

Chapter 140. Implementing and Funding the Inter Vivos Trust

Chapters 141-149. [Reserved]


Chapter 150. Durable Powers of Attorney for Health Care

Chapter 151. Durable Powers of Attorney for Property Management

Table of Cases

Table of Statutes




DIVISION I Complete Inter Vivos Trusts 

A Nonformula Trusts--Sole Settlor 

B Nonformula Trusts--Joint Settlors 

C Formula Trusts--Sole Settlors 

D Formula Trusts--Joint Settlors 

E Irrevocable Trusts 

F Miscellaneous Trusts


Division II Individual Inter Vivos Trust Provisions 

1 Creation Of Trust 

2 Trust Estate 

3 Rights And Powers Of Settlor(s)


Division II Individual Inter Vivos Trust Provisions (Cont'd) 

4 Payments and Distributions 

5 Trustee 

6 Concluding Provisions 

7 Execution 


Division III Complete Will Forms 

A Wills for Unmarried Persons 

B Wills for Married Persons 

C California Statutory Will 

D Wills for Registered Domestic Partners


Division IV Individual Will Provisions 

10 Declaration Clause 

20 Introductory Provisions 

30 Particular Devises 

40 Residuary Provisions


Division IV Individual Will Provisions (Cont'd) 

50 Trust Distributions 

60 Executor 

70 Trustee 

80 Guardian 

90 Concluding Provisions 

100 Signature And Attestation Clause


 Division V Complete Codicils 

 VI Individual Codicil Provisions 

Division VII Complete Durable Powers Of Attorney 


Supplementary Documents 

Division VIII Trust Funding and Other Related Documents 

Division IX Miscellaneous Estate Planning Documents 




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