California Premises Liability Law

By Jayme C. Long
Publisher: ALM

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ISBN: 9781576257302
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Product description

This new title by Jayme C. Long compiles and examines theories and defenses that seek to challenge traditional notions of what constitutes a premise:
--The nature of a hazard on land
--How a duty can arise
--Who is a proper plaintiff and defendant
--How far off the property liability can reach.

Comprehensive in its coverage of California law, it also provides some state comparisons on significant topics relating to premises liability -- such as assumption of risk and available damages, and identifies national trends like "take-home" exposure claims. Long highlights the protections, exceptions and special circumstances unique to this area of law.

Several of the chapters dissect jury instructions applicable to premises liability and explain the case law that helped shape them. Also included are 2013 CACI instructions and verdict forms as a comprehensive starting point when handling these types of cases.

Long is a trial attorney in McKenna Long & Aldridge's (MLA) Los Angeles office. She represents companies in the petrochemical, construction, environmental safety, maritime and automotive industries.

Chapters Include:
Duty Owed by Landowner, Possessor or Controller to Persons Entering the Land
Interest in the Land
Hazards on Land
Persons Hired to Work on the Land
Liability to Persons Outside the Land
Special Circumstances
Common Defenses
Alternative Remedies