California Legal Malpractice Law

By J. Randolph Evans, Shari L. Klevens, Suzanne Y. Badawi
Publisher: ALM

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ISBN: 9781576257241
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California Legal Malpractice Law is available as a paperback and in EPUB format, with hyperlinks to the full text of cases, statutes and other authoritative content.

In this new era of technology, patent disputes, mega law firm mergers, and business globalization, the threat of legal malpractice has become a part of the modern day law practice.California Legal Malpractice Law offers practical guidance, including effective claim prevention and loss avoidance.

Two Cases in One
Defending a malpractice case requires not only an understanding of legal malpractice law, but the substantive law of the underlying the lawsuit or transaction. Lately there has been a rise in claims from intellectual property, real estate, personal injury, bankruptcy, and securities matters. And in California, claims from entertainment law are growing. Randy Evans, Shari Klevens, and Suzanne Y. Badawi offer practical solutions in avoiding and handling legal malpractice claims.
California Legal Malpractice
Identifies Legal Malpractice Law and Defenses
•  Legal Elements of a Claim
•  Using Experts in a Malpractice Claim
•  Liability for or in Conjunction With the Conduct of Others
•  Defenses to Legal Malpractice Claims

Instructs in Legal Malpractice Prevention
•  Structuring a Law Firm To Reduce Risk Under California Law
•  Identifying and Resolving Conflicts of Interest
•  Email and Attorney Marketing: New Issues in 21st Century Law Practice
•  Ethics for the Trial Practitioner
•  Sanctions

Advises on Insurance and Loss Avoidance
•  The Tripartite Relationship
•  Handling a Claim: Four Steps for Attorneys Who Discover an Error or Receive a Legal Malpractice Claim

Authors Pay it Forward
Consistent with that guiding principle, all royalties from California Legal Malpractice Law will go to the California Bar Foundation to help fund a diversity scholarship for a student facing hardship based on family obligations.