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California Drunk Driving Law

Publisher: James Publishing

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California Drunk Driving Law

California Drunk Driving Defense has long been referred to as "the bible of DUI defense," and for good reason. This two-volume treatise remains indispensable for both newer attorneys seeking fundamental information about such things as charges, sentencing, and license suspension actions, and veteran attorneys looking for more detailed analysis on scientific issues, trial tips, and writs and appeals.

Most attorneys do not realize how many solid DUI defenses exist, and so plead instead of fight their cases. The enormous complexity of California DUI law has created painful traps for the unwary, so wise guidance is essential.

California Drunk Driving Law is the number one book in its field. From arrest to punishment, and additional charges to DMV hearings, this practical work overflows with cutting-edge tactics, analysis, and tools for mounting a successful defense. The book is chock-full of:

•   Creative defenses. Hundreds of decision-based arguments, generated by the authors in their decades of creative DUI practice and collected from successful DUI practitioners statewide, bring real leverage to your plea bargaining, trials, and DMV proceedings.
•   Heavily supported motions. Crafted, tested, and polished by top DUI lawyers, these practice-proven documents will materially raise the level of your advocacy. The book has over 120 forms that can be accessed digitally and modified to your case.
•   Answers and solutions. 95% of the questions that arise in day-to-day DUI practice are addressed. References to other sources are provided for the other 5%.
•   Authoritative interpretation of the law. Over 1,700 cases and every relevant statute and regulation are analyzed and cited.

For answers to all your client's questions (and yours), turn to California Drunk Driving Law. This invaluable book provides the most complete coverage of state DUI practice available.

Table of Contents

Drunk Driving Offenses
Additional Charges
Arraignment and Pretrial Matters
Prior Convictions of Separate Offenses
Other Pretrial Motions
Search and Seizure
Trial Defense of DUI in California
DMV Proceedings
Criminal Appeals and Civil Writs
Interstate Implications of Drunk Driving Convictions