California Courtroom Evidence

California Courtroom Evidence contains the complete California Evidence Code with insightful information to help you interpret and apply it. This invaluable publication includes legislative history with each code section as well as comments from the California Law Revision Commission. Also featured are relevant, insightful case annotations and practical pointers written by the highly-regarded California trial lawyer Joseph W. Cotchett, who is renowned for his expertise on evidentiary matters. The publication has recently been updated with a new chapter covering the modern innovation of electronic evidence.
Publisher: Matthew Bender

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California Courtroom Evidence is updated in an easy-to-use, portable softbound format. It includes the complete California Evidence Code, legislative history on each code section, Law Revision Commission comments on most sections, relevant, insightful case annotations, and practical pointers from Joseph W. Cotchett, highly regarded California trial lawyer and expert on evidentiary matters.

Invaluable in civil and criminal evidentiary matters, California Courtroom Evidence is organized for easy use. The publication uses a Speed Index for quick reference, a topical index to quickly find Evidence Code sections, and a quick-reference list of common courtroom objections to make your evidence research more efficient. In addition, this edition contains useful finding tools like a complete detailed index, table of cases, central index and tab features, and a handy rear cover margin index to find topical code groups quickly.

The 2023A edition ISBN is 9781663373946.

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Table of contents

Chapter 1 Provisions and Construction
Chapter 2 Words and Phrases Defined
Chapter 3 Applicability of Code
Chapter 4 Province of the Court and Jury
Chapter 5 Order of Proof
Chapter 6 Relevancy
Chapter 7 Discretion of Court to Exclude
Chapter 8 Preserving Objections and Reversible Error
Chapter 9 Limited Admissibility and Clarification of Evidence
Chapter 10 Preliminary Determination on Admissibility
Chapter 11 Weight of Evidence
Chapter 12 Judicial Notice
Chapter 13 Burden of Proof
Chapter 14 Burden of Producing Evidence
Chapter 15 Presumptions and Inferences
Chapter 16 Competency, Oath, Confrontation, Experts, Interpreters, Examination, Credibility, and Hypnosis
Chapter 17 Nonexpert and Expert Opinion
Chapter 18 Privileges
Chapter 19 Character, Habit, and Custom
Chapter 20 Mediation and Additional Extrinsic Policies
Chapter 21 Hearsay Rule and Exceptions
Chapter 22 Authentication
Chapter 23 Secondary Evidence
Chapter 24 Record of Document
Chapter 25 Depositions and Interrogatories
Chapter 26 Documentary Evidence
Chapter 27 Demonstrative and Experimental Evidence
Chapter 28 Expert Testimony
Chapter 29 Motions in Limine
Chapter 30 Electronic Discovery Act and Other Relevant Statutory Provisions
Table of Cases