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California Air Pollution Control Laws

Publisher: Michie

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2018 Edition
ISBN: 9781522151227
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The Air Resource Board's "Blue Book" is available exclusively from LexisNexis.

The publication includes selections from the following Codes:

•   Health and Safety
•   Civil Procedure
•   Education
•   Food and Agriculture
•   Government
•   Harbors and Navigation
•   Labor
•   Public Resources
•   Revenue and Taxation
•   Streets and Highways
•   Vehicle

This useful manual also includes a comprehensive table of contents, a table of sections affected by recent legislation, and a professionally prepared index.

Table of Contents


Sections Affected by 2015 Legislation

Health and Safety Code

Division 1. Administration of Public Health

Division 20. Miscellaneous Health and Safety Provisions

Division 25.5. California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006

Division 26. Air Resources

Division 27. California Pollution Control Financing Authority Act

Division 37. Regulation of Environmental Protection

Division 37.5. Repair or Maintenance Projects

Division 104. Environmental Health

Uncodified Provisions

Business and Professions Code

Division 3. Professions and Vocations Generally

Division 5. Weights and Measures

Division 7. General Business Regulations

Code of Civil Procedure

Part 3. Of Special Proceedings of a Civil Nature

Education Code

Title 1. General Education Code Provisions

Food and Agriculture Code

Division 7. Agricultural Chemicals, Livestock Remedies, and Commercial Feeds

Government Code

Title 1. General

Title 2. Government of the State of California

Title 5. Local Agencies

Title 7. Planning and Land Use

Harbors and Navigation Code

Division 3. Vessels

Labor Code

Division 5. Safety in Employment

Public Resources Code

Division 13. Environmental Quality

Division 13.5. California Environmental Protection Program

Division 15. Energy Conservation and Development

Division 30. Waste Management

Division 34. Environmental Protection

Division 36. Marine Invasive Species Act

Public Utilities Code

Division 1. Regulation of Public Utilities

Streets and Highways Code

Division 2.5. City Streets

Division 3. Apportionment and Expenditure of Highway Funds

Vehicle Code

Division 1. Words and Phrases Defined

Division 2. Administration

Division 3. Registration of Vehicles and Certificates of Title

Division 3.5. Registration and Transfer of Vessels

Division 5. Occupational Licensing and Business Regulations

Division 6. Drivers' Licenses

Division 11. Rules of the Road

Division 12. Equipment of Vehicles

Division 16.5. Off-Highway Vehicles

Division 18. Penalties and Disposition of Fees, Fines, and Forfeitures

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