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Business Continuity Preparedness, State and Local Government Series

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Public sector organizations of all sizes need a comprehensive business continuity plan. Business Continuity Preparedness assists executive management, departmental users, and technical resource personnel of public sector organizations with minimizing business disruption and its escalation, thus reducing the impact on mandated services and essential functions.

The manual's unique workbook format includes checklists, customizable forms, sample procedures, and questionnaires, which can be tailored to meet the individual needs of the organization. Some of the benefits derived from developing a comprehensive business continuity plan include the following:

•  Reduced legal liability
•  Minimized potential economic loss
•  Reduced probability of occurrence
•  Reduced disruption to normal operations
•  Organizational stability
•  Orderly recovery process
•  Reduced reliance on key personnel
•  Increased asset and record protection
•  Ensured safety of personnel and the public
•  Compliance with legal and statutory requirements
•  Minimized decision-making during a disaster
•  Subscribers will receive a downloadable file containing editable forms

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Table of Contents

Business Continuity Planning Overview

Chapter 1 – Laws, Standards, and Guidelines

Chapter 2 – Business Continuity Planning Overview

Chapter 3 – Business Continuity Planning Methodology

Phase 1: Risk Assessment

Chapter 4 – Risk Assessment Process

Chapter 5 – Backup and Offsite Storage

Chapter 6 – Security and Control Considerations

Phase 2: Business Impact Analysis

Chapter 7 – Business Impact Analysis

Phase 3: Continuity Strategies and Solutions

Chapter 8 – BCP Strategies and Solutions

Chapter 9 – Contracting for Recovery Services

Phase 4: Plan Design and Development

Chapter 10 – BCP Design and Documentation

Chapter 11 – Information Technology Disaster Recovery Planning

Chapter 12 – Continuity of Operations Planning

Chapter 13 – Data Collection

Phase 5: Plan Validation - Training, Testing, and Exercise

Chapter 14 – Continuity Plan Training

Chapter 15 – Testing the Plan

Phase 6: BCP Administration

Chapter 16 – BCP Management and Maintenance