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Burns Indiana Statutes Annotated - Trade Regulations, Consumer Sales & Credit / Professions& Occupations: General Provisions - Barbers (T. 24, 25 Articles 1 - 7)

This crucial section of Burns Indiana Statutes keeps attorneys and researchers updated and informed on important coverage of laws affecting Title 24 Trade Regulations; Consumer Sales and Credit and Title 25 Professions and Occupations.
Publisher: Michie
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ISBN: 9.78077E+12
Publisher: Michie
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Title24 Trade Regulations; Consumer Sales and Credit
Article 1 Combinations in Restraint of Trade
Article 2 Trademarks
Article 3 Fair Trade
Article 4 Regulated Businesses
Article 4.4 First Lien Mortgage Lending
Article 4.6 Special Provisions Concerning Certain Transactions
Article 4.7 Telephone Solicitation of Consumers
Article 4.8 Prohibited Spyware
Article 4.9 Disclosure of Security Breach
Article 5 Consumer Sales
Article 5.5 Mortgage Rescue Protection Fraud
Article 6 Weights, Measures and Labeling
Article 7 Rental Purchase Agreements
Article 8 Promotional Gifts and Contests
Article 9 Home Loan Practices
Article 10 Consumer Protection Assistance Fund
Title 25 Professions and Occupations
Article 1 General
Article 2 Accountants
Article 2.5 Acupuncturists
Article 3 Actuaries
Article 3.5 Agricultural Commodity Dealers
Article 4 Architects and Landscape Architects
Article 5 Attorneys
Article 5.1 Athletic Trainers
Article 5.2 Athlete Agents
Article 6 Auctioneers
Article 6.1 Auctioneers and Auctions
Article 7 Barbers