Burns Indiana Statutes Annotated - Local Government: Planning & Development, Public Safety (T.36, Art. 7 (Chs. 15.2 - 36), 7.5 - 8)

This crucial section of Burns Indiana Statutes keeps attorneys and researchers updated and informed on important coverage of laws affecting local government planning and development, along with laws regarding regional authorities and public safety.
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Title 36 Local Government
Article 7 Planning and Development
Chapter 15.2 Economic Development Project Districts in Marion County
Chapter 15.3 County Convention and Recreational Facilities Authority
Chapter 15.5 Improvement and Maintenance District for Indiana Central Canal in Indianapolis
Chapter 15.6 Flood Control Improvement Districts
Chapter 16 Rehabilitation Loans
Chapter 17 Urban Homesteading
Chapter 17.1 Alternative Urban Homesteading Program for Qualified Individuals
Chapter 18 Housing Authorities
Chapter 19 Aid to Housing Authorities
Chapter 20 Housing Authority Police
Chapter 21 Special Improvement Districts
Chapter 22 Economic Improvement Districts
Chapter 23 Multiple County Infrastructure Authority
Chapter 24 Multiple County Juvenile Facility Authorities
Chapter 25 Additional Powers of Redevelopment Commissions
Chapter 26 Economic Development Project Districts -- Cities of Hammond, South Bend, Fort Wayne and Evansville
Chapter 27 Economic Development Tax Area -- Marion County
Chapter 28 Minority Enterprise Small Business Investment Companies
Chapter 29 Local Environmental Response Financing -- Columbia City, Tippecanoe County
Chapter 30 Reuse of Federal Military Bases
Chapter 30.1 Planning and Zoning Affecting Military Bases
Chapter 30.5 Development of Multicounty Federal Military Bases
Chapter 31 Professional Sports Development Area in a County Containing a Consolidated City
Chapter 31.1 Professional Sports Development Area
Chapter 32 Certified Technology Parks
Chapter 33 State Institution Reuse Authority
Chapter 34 Qualified Military Base Enhancement Area
Chapter 35 Property Maintenance Areas
Chapter 36 Abatement of Vacant Structures and Abandoned Structures
Chapter 37 Determination of Abandoned Property
Chapter 38 Land Banks
Article 7.5 Northwest Indiana Regional Development Authority
Article 7.6 Regional Development Authorities
Article 8 Public Safety