Burns Indiana Statutes Annotated - Local Government: Planning & Development, Public Safety (T.36, Art. 7 Chs. 1 - 15.1)

This crucial section of Burns Indiana Statutes keeps attorneys and researchers updated and informed on important coverage of laws affecting local government planning and development, along with laws regarding public safety.
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Publisher: Michie
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Title 36 Local Government
Article 7 Planning and Development
Chapter 1 Definitions
Chapter 2 General Powers Concerning Planning and Development
Chapter 3 Platting and Vacation of Real Property
Chapter 4 Local Planning and Zoning
Chapter 5 Thoroughfare Planning
Chapter 5.1 Joint District Planning and Zoning
Chapter 5.2 Regulation of Amateur Radio Antennas
Chapter 6 Kankakee River Basin Commission
Chapter 6.1 Maumee River Basin Commission
Chapter 6.2 Joseph River Basin Commission
Chapter 7 Regional Planning Commissions
Chapter 7.5 Multiple County Special Plan Commission for Reservoir Areas -- Crawford, Dubois and Orange Counties
Chapter 7.6 Northwestern Indiana Regional Planning Commission
Chapter 8 County Building Department and Building Standards
Chapter 9 Enforcement of Building Standards
Chapter 10 Miscellaneous Property Restrictions
Chapter 10.1 Removal of Weeds and Rank Vegetation
Chapter 11 Historic Preservation
Chapter 11.1 Historic Preservation in Marion County
Chapter 11.2 Meridian Street Preservation
Chapter 11.3 Municipal Preservation
Chapter 11.5 Historic Hotel Preservation
Chapter 11.9 Economic Development and Pollution Control; Definitions
Chapter 12 Economic Development and Pollution Control
Chapter 13 Industrial Development
Chapter 13.5 Shoreline Development
Chapter 14 Redevelopment of Blighted Areas
Chapter 14.7 Economic Development Project Districts
Chapter 15 Redevelopment of Blighted Areas -- Alternative Provisions
Chapter 15.1 Redevelopment of Blighted Areas in Marion County