Burns Indiana Statutes Annotated - Education: School Programs through School Corporations (T. 20, Articles 1 - 26)

This crucial section of Burns Indiana Statutes keeps attorneys and researchers updated and informed on important coverage of laws affecting education, along with laws regarding elementary and secondary education, higher and vocational education and schools for the blind and deaf.
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Title 20 Education
Article 1 School Organization -- State
Article 2 School Organization -- Counties and Townships
Article 3 School Organization -- Cities and Towns
Article 3.1 Improvement in Student Achievement in School Cities
Article 4 School Organization -- Reorganization
Article 5 School Organization -- General Powers
Article 6 School Personnel -- Instructional and Administrative
Article 6.1 Teachers
Article 7 School Personnel -- Noninstructional
Article 7.5 Collective Bargaining Between School Corporations and Their Certificated Employees
Article 8 School Personnel -- Pupils
Article 8.1 Pupils
Article 9 School Programs -- Transportation
Article 9.1 Pupil Transportation
Article 10 School Programs -- Curriculum
Article 10.1 School Programs -- Calendar, Curriculum, Textbooks
Article 10.2 Accountability for School Performance and Improvement
Article 11 School Programs -- Educational Research
Article 12 Higher Education and Occupational Schools
Article 13 Public Libraries
Article 14 Libraries
Article 15 Indiana School for the Blind
Article 16 Indiana School for the Deaf
Article 17 Effect of Recodification of Title 20
Article 18 General Provisions
Article 19 State Administration of Elementary and Secondary Education
Article 20 Programs Administered by the State
Article 21 Indiana School for the Blind
Article 22 Indiana School for the Deaf
Article 23 Organization of School Corporations
Article 24 Charter Schools
Article 24.2 Performance Qualified School Districts
Article 24.5 University Administered Schools
Article 25 Indianapolis Public Schools
Article 26 School Corporations: General Administrative Provisions