Burns Indiana Statutes Annotated - Civil Procedure: Mandate Through Foreign Declarations Act (T.34, Articles 27-59)

This crucial section of Burns Indiana Statutes keeps attorneys and researchers updated and informed on important coverage of laws affecting civil procedure, along with laws regarding Mandate through Foreign Declarations Act.
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Title 34 Civil Procedure: Mandate through Foreign Declarations Act
Article 27 Special Proceedings: Mandate and Prohibition
Article 28 Special Proceedings: Miscellaneous Civil Proceedings and Remedies
Article 29 Immunity from Civil Arrest
Article 30 Immunity from Civil Liability
Article 31 Limited Liability
Article 32 Commencement of Action: Notice and Publication
Article 33 Commencement of Action: Service of Process
Article 33.1 Authority of the Attorney General
Article 34 Commencement of Action: Lis Pendens
Article 35 Change of Venue
Article 36 Juries
Article 37 Evidence: Documentary and Other Written Evidence in General
Article 38 Evidence: Statutes and Laws
Article 39 Evidence: Court Decisions and Records of Other Legal Proceedings
Article 40 Evidence: Records of Public Agencies
Article 41 Evidence: Real Estate Records
Article 42 Evidence: Business Records
Article 43 Evidence: Medical Records
Article 43.5 Evidence: Specific Communications
Article 44 Evidence: Damages
Article 44.5 Evidence: Uniform Interstate Depositions and Discovery Act
Article 45 Witnesses
Article 46 Privileged Communications
Article 47 Contempt of Court
Article 48 Receiverships
Article 49 Bonds
Article 50 Settlement of Claims
Article 51 Damages
Article 52 Costs
Article 53 Subrogation
Article 54 Judgments
Article 55 Execution of Judgments
Article 56 Appeals
Article 57 Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution
Article 58 Screening of Offender Litigation
Article 59 Uniform Unsworn Foreign Declarations Act

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