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Building Trial Notebooks

A proven system that materially reduces litigation preparation time and ensures that you and your cases are always ready for deposition, hearing, and court dates.
Publisher: James Publishing

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Building Trial Notebooks

Leonard Bucklin's proven and highly-visible approach to litigation preparation will ensure that your cases and you are always ready for the next skirmish… even when unanticipated issues and arguments arise. Mr. Bucklin, who has been identified by the International Academy of Trial Lawyers as one of the top 500 trial lawyers in the U.S., created and polished his litigation preparation system over decades of high-stakes trial work. Now the Bucklin system is available to help you:

•   Plan all aspects of your case so you hit every important point
•   Organize your case from opening to closing
•   Materially reduce your trial preparation time
•   Assemble any case at low cost
•   Keep each document at your fingertips
•   Place litigation matters on staff auto-pilot
•   Keep opposing counsel on the defensive
•   Earn the respect of the court and opposing counsel with your organization and readiness

The Bucklin litigation preparation system will also make you and your case settlement-ready. And your readiness, confidence, and organization will be visible. At depositions and conferences, defense counsel will see that you are prepared and focused, your trial notebook is steadily growing in size and value, and your strategies and forms are painfully effective. Mr. Bucklin is a creative litigator who has developed powerful techniques usable in most cases. His litigation system is loaded with them. Building Trial Notebooks makes it easy to employ these tactics in your next case.

Table of Contents

The Plan
Pretrial Orders
Our Witnesses
Their Witnesses
Third Party Witnesses
Our Experts
Their Experts
Exhibit List
Deposition Summaries
Deposition Arrangements
Damages List
Law; Trial Memo
Motions in Limine
Motions; Orders
Voir Dire; Juror List
Opening; Summation
Jury Instructions
Planning and Delegation
Litigation Tips and Tactics
Discovery Depositions
ESI: Tactics and Discovery
Bodily Injuries: Tactics and Discovery
Bodily Injuries: Deposition Checklists
Exhibits and Evidence
Opening Statement and Closing Argument
Attorney Fee Awards
Motor Vehicle Accident Cases
Premises Liability Cases
Liquor Liability Involvement