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BMI v. Minicom Faculty Version

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Case File + CD :Softbound, 200 pages
10th Edition
ISBN: 9781601563941
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10th Edition
ISBN: 9781632821843
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BMI is seeking damages for a lost shipment of computer chips. BMI, the supplier, claims that the purchaser, Minicom, bore the risk of loss and is seeking to recover for breach of contract. Minicom claims that BMI's failure to insure the shipment breached the contract causing the loss of past and future profits. This well-balanced file provides ample material for basic and advanced advocacy training with three witnesses for both plaintiff and defendant, including one economics expert for each side.

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Table of Contents



Stipulations and Pretrial Rulings


Materials Available to All Sides

       Answer and Counterclaim
       Reply to Counterclaim and Affirmative Defense
       Request for Admission
       Response to Request for Admission

Expert Report of Dr. Singell
       Interview with Dr. Singell
       Singell CV

Expert Report of Dr. Seligman
       Interview with Dr. Seligman
       Seligman CV

Materials Available Only to the Plaintiff's Law Firm (BMI's Counsel)
       Statement of Christopher Kay
       Statement of Virginia Young

Materials Available Only to the Defendant's Law Firm (Minicom's Counsel)
       Statement of Michael Lubell
       Statement of Elliot Milstein

Documents Available to All Sides

General Jury Instructions

Jury Instructions Specific to this Case

Verdict Forms