Benedict on Admiralty: Carriage of Goods by Sea

Benedict on Admiralty: Carriage of Goods by Sea provides comprehensive coverage of the admiralty law topic: carriage of goods.
Print Book :Volumes 2A-2E
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ISBN: 9780820520315
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Benedict on Admiralty: Carriage of Goods by Sea provides comprehensive coverage of the admiralty law topic: carriage of goods. All the materials you need to practice are found in this treatise, including:

  • concise discussion of every current issue
  • explanations of court opinions and their implications
  • reprints of hard-to-find primary source material
  • charter parties and clauses

    Also published as Volumes 2A through 2E of Benedict on Admiralty.


    Table of contents

    Volume 2A
    Chapter I Statutes Relating to the Carriage of Goods by Sea
    Chapter II Basic Cargo Damage Law: Historical Background
    Chapter III Common and Private Carriage
    Chapter IV Bills of Lading
    Chapter V Contracts of Carriage Governed by the Carriage of Goods by Sea Act
    Chapter VI Suits Between Shippers and Carriers; Jurisdiction; Parties; Pleadings
    Chapter VII Seaworthiness
    Chapter VIII Due Diligence to Make the Ship Seaworthy
    Chapter IX Stowage of Cargo
    Chapter X Reserved
    Chapter XI Care and Custody of the Cargo
    Chapter XII Deviation
    Chapter XIII Exemptions from Liability: Act, Neglect or Default in the Navigation or Management of the Ship
    Chapter XIV Exemptions from Liability: Fire
    Chapter XV Exemptions from Liability: Perils of the Sea; Act of God; Act of War; Arrest o Restraint of Princes; Strikes or Lockouts; Heat; Breakage; Rust; Leakage; Sweat; Vermin; Robbery; Theft; Pilferage
    Chapter XVI Statutory and Bill of Lading Provisions Limiting Liability
    Chapter XVII Time and Voyage Charters
    Chapter XVIII Laytime and Demurrage
    Chapter XIX Bareboat Charters
    Chapter XX Slot Charterparties

    Chapter I – III Reserved
    Chapter IV Bareboat Charter Parties
    Chapter V Coal Charter Parties
    Chapter VI Fertilizer Charter Parties
    Chapter VII General Charter Parties
    Chapter VIII Grain Charter Parties

    Chapter IX Livestock Charter Parties
    Chapter X Meat Charter Parties
    Chapter XI Operation and Agency Contracts
    Chapter XII Ore Charter Parties
    Chapter XIIA Passenger Charter Parties
    Chapter XIII Salt Charter Parties
    Chapter XIV Scrap Charter Parties
    Chapter XV Steel Charter Parties
    Chapter XVI Sugar Charter Parties
    Chapter XVII Tanker Charter Parties
    Chapter XVIII Towage/Salvage Contracts
    Chapter XIX Wood Charter Parties
    Chapter XX Yacht Charter Parties
    Chapter XXI Grain Shipping Agreements
    Chapter XXII Shipbuilding Contracts
    Chapter XXIII Ship Sale Contracts
    Chapter XXIV Bills of Lading and Miscellaneous Other Carriage Documents
    Chapter XXV Shipmanagement Contracts

    Chapter XXVI Tanker Voyage Charter Party Riders
    Chapter XXVII Charter Party Clauses