Bender's Payroll Tax Guide

A time - and money - saving guide to payroll tax planning with reproducible blank forms.
Print Book :1 volume, softbound
2024 Edition
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ISBN: 9781663374882
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Product description

This latest edition of Bender's Payroll Tax Guide is a 1-volume softbound payroll tax planning guide from Matthew Bender and LexisNexis that helps you save time and money. It includes over 1,000 pages of procedures, forms and examples to help you design and run a payroll system that is both economical and efficient. Inside you'll find complete coverage of:

• The applicability of federal payroll taxes to employers and employees
• How to correctly determine what constitutes a wage payment
• methods and systems for streamlining recordkeeping, tax deposits, personal status changes, garnishments and wage assignments; and
• Social Security benefits and annual Social Security and withholding tables.


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Table of contents

Chapter 1 What are Payroll Taxes—An Overview
Chapter 2 How to Determine if Payroll Tax Laws Are Applicable
Chapter 3 Determining Who Is an Employee
Chapter 4 Determining What Is a Wage Payment
Chapter 5 Completing Federal Returns and Information Reports
Chapter 6 How to Set Up and Manage a Payroll System
Chapter 7 Complying With Other Payroll Law Requirements
Chapter 8 How to Deal With the IRS
Chapter 9 Social Security Benefits
Chapter 10 Blank Forms