Bank Operations and Administration Desk Reference

The authoritative resource that gives you clear, practical guidance for managing all the functional areas of administration and operations.

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If you are your bank's senior administrator, you wear many hats. In addition to a myriad of administrative, operations, and management responsibilities, you must keep up with a vast number of statutes and regulations. Bank Operations and Administration Desk Reference gives you clear, practical guidance for managing all the functional areas of your responsibility.

To make it easy to find and implement the best practices for every part of your job, this manual is organized by function. Here is a summary of these functions:

•  Executive Administration. Senior administrator procedures, model policy statements, risk management, bank insurance management, marketing/advertising, records management
•  Bank Operations Management. Deposit systems, legal processes, managing the customer service department, paying and receiving, collections, reporting, proof of deposit
•  Regulatory Compliance. BSA, AML, USA PATRIOT Act, safeguarding customer information, privacy, CRA, HR compliance management, Check 21, FACT Act
•  Human Resources Management. Human resources management procedures, salary administration, performance management, a model HR policy manual, training and development
•  Planning and Budgeting. How to develop a strategic plan, a model strategic plan, developing a financial plan, developing a budget, contingency planning

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Table of contents

Executive Administration

Chapter 1: Administration Management

Chapter 2: Model Bank Policy Statements

Chapter 3: Risk Management System

Chapter 4: Managing Internal and External Audits

Chapter 4A: Internal Controls

Chapter 5: Controlling Non-Interest Expenses

Chapter 6: Managing the Bank’s Corporate Culture

Chapter 7: The Bank’s Insurance Program

Chapter 8: Marketing, Advertising, and Promotion

Chapter 9: Bank Examinations

Chapter 10: Records Management

Chapter 11: A Model Code of Ethics

Bank Operations

Chapter 12: Deposit Systems

Chapter 13: Legal Processes and Considerations

Chapter 14: The Customer Service Department

Chapter 15: Paying and Receiving

Chapter 16: E-Banking

Chapter 17: Collection and Exchange

Chapter 18: Reporting Requirements

Chapter 19: Special Services

Chapter 20: Proof of Deposit

Regulatory Compliance

Chapter 21: General Compliance Requirements (Available Only on CD)

Chapter 22: Commercial and Consumer Lending Compliance (Available Only on CD)

Chapter 23: Real Estate Lending Compliance (Available Only on CD)

Chapter 24: Bank Operations Compliance (Available Only on CD)

Chapter 25: Human Resources Compliance (Available Only on CD)

Chapter 26: Dodd-Frank Act Impacts and Requirements

Chapter 27: [Reserved]

Human Resources Management

Chapter 28: Human Resources Management

Chapter 28A: Job Descriptions

Chapter 28B: Employee Appraisals

Chapter 28C: Practical HR Guidance

Chapter 29: Model HR Policy Manual

Chapter 30: Salary Administration

Chapter 31: Performance Management

Chapter 31A: Problem Employee Management

Chapter 32: Training and Development

Planning and Financial Management

Chapter 33: Preparatory Strategic Planning Activities

Chapter 34: Model Strategic Plan

Chapter 35: Financial Planning

Chapter 36: Budgeting Procedures

Chapter 37: Capital Management and Capital Planning

Chapter 38: Technology Planning

Chapter 39: Contingency Planning