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Annotation Citator to the Arkansas Code

Subsequent histories of every case featured in the Arkansas Code Annotated so you can be sure of your research.
Publisher: Shepard's
Print Book :1 volume, softbound, replaced annually
2017 Edition
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ISBN: 9781522146254
Publisher: Shepard's
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The Arkansas Citator is the companion publication you need if you use our Arkansas Code Annotated. Up-to-date Shepard's information, available only from LexisNexis, means you can quickly and easily look up the subsequent history of each case cited in the Code. You can research with confidence knowing whether a case has been cited by other decisions, overruled or otherwise modified, and whether it has been "explained," "distinguished," or otherwise received a Shepard's editorial treatment letter.

Purchase the Arkansas Citator today for the accuracy and dependability you expect from LexisNexis, the official publisher of the Arkansas Code.

Table of Contents

1. General Provisions 

2. Agriculture

3. Alcoholic Beverages

4. Business and Commercial Law

5. Criminal Offenses

6. Education

7. Elections

8. Environmental Law

9. Family Law

10. General Assembly

11. Labor and Industrial Relations

12. Law Enforcement, Emergency Management, and Military Affairs

13. Libraries, Archives, and Cultural

14. Local Government

15. Natural Resources and Economic

16. Practice, Procedure, and Courts

17. Professions, Occupations, and

18. Property

19. Public Finance

20. Public Health and Welfare

21. Public Officers and Employees

22. Public Property

23. Public Utilities and Regulated Industries

24. Retirement and Pensions

25. State Government

26. Taxation

27. Transportation

28. Wills, Estates, and Fiduciary Relationships