Appellate Handbook for Indiana Lawyers

Take advantage of guidelines, checklists and authoritative analysis in this convenient, 1-volume book.
Publisher: Michie
Print Book :1 volume, loose-leaf, updated every two to three years
3rd Edition
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ISBN: 9780327155737
Publisher: Michie
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New Edition: The Rules Have Changed

The Indiana Rules of Appellate Procedure have been dramatically revised¿and so has Appellate Handbook for Indiana Lawyers. On January 1, 2001 the 18 general rules that guided lawyers for decades became 75 highly detailed rules.

You can look to Appellate Handbook for Indiana Lawyers, Third Edition for:
•   Authoritative analysis for the revised rules.
•   Coverage of the Court of Appeals and Indiana Supreme Courts revised scope of jurisdiction.
•   Guidance on federal procedure and rules for the Seventh Circuit.
•   Helpful pointers and checklists for preparing appellate briefs, transfer petitions, and other documents.


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Table of contents

Ch. 1 The Indiana Appellate System
Ch. 2 Elements Necessary for Appeal
Ch. 3 Practical Considerations Before Taking an Appeal
Ch. 4 Jurisdiction
Ch. 5 Appealability
Ch. 6 Commencing an Appeal
Ch. 7 Stay of Proceedings and Appeal Bonds
Ch. 8 Pre-Appeal Practice
Ch. 9 Motions to Dismiss or Affirm
Ch. 10 Briefs
Ch. 11 Standard of Review
Ch. 12 Filing and Service
Ch. 13 Time and Extensions of Time
Ch. 14 Oral Argument
Ch. 15 Determination of the Appeal
Ch. 16 Rehearing
Ch. 17 Transfer to Indiana Supreme Court
Ch. 18 Appeals from Administrative Decisions
Ch. 19 Original Actions
Ch. 20 Appellate Review of Post-Conviction Remedies
Ch. 21 Amicus Curiae Practice
Ch. 22 Preserving Error for Appeal
Ch. 23 Resources for Indiana Appellate Practice

Ch. 24 The Federal Appellate System
Ch. 25 Practical Considerations Before Taking an Appeal to the Seventh Circuit
Ch. 26 Timelines and Checklists for Seventh Circuit Appeals
Ch. 27 Amicus Curiae Practice
Ch. 28 Resources for Seventh Circuit Practice

Appendix A. Indiana Rules of Appellate Procedure (including Forms)
Appendix B. Selected Indiana Trial Rules
Appendix C. Original Action Rules (including Forms)
Appendix D. Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure and Circuit Court Rules of the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit
Appendix E. Practitioner's Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals Handbook 2001

Tables of Rules and Statutes
Table of Cases
Index to Text
Index to Forms and Samples