Alaska Statutes

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Publisher: Michie
Print Book :14 volumes, softbound, with annual supplement in non-replacement years
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ISBN: 9781663333582
Publisher: Michie
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This 14-volume set contains the entire statutory contents of the Alaska Statutes, the Constitutions of the United States and the State of Alaska, the treaties relating to Alaska, and statutory tables, all updated through the end of the latest legislative session. Also included are up-to-date annotations to judicial decisions and opinions of the Attorney General, revisor's notes, editor's notes, amendment notes, and effective date notes-- setting out useful statutory information beyond what is in the actual statute text.

LexisNexis replaces the entire set of Alaska Statutes every other year, merging the existing code with previous supplementary materials. This fully updated set features the same high editorial quality you've come to expect from us, in a convenient, softbound format. It includes:

•  14 volumes plus current cumulative supplement and annual supplement in non-replacement years
•   Temporary & Special Acts (T&S) pamphlet
•   Comprehensive index, replaced annually
•   Fully annotated cumulative supplements published in non-replacement years within 90 days of receiving all acts from the legislature
•   Annotations to the official state statutes based on all Alaska cases and federal cases arising in Alaska since statehood
•   All case citations Shepardized for accuracy


Table of contents

Volume 1


Constitution of the United States

Constitution of the State of Alaska

Title 1. General Provisions.

Title 2. Aeronautics.

Title 3. Agriculture, Animals, and Food.

Title 4. Alcoholic Beverages.

Title 5. Amusements and Sports.

Volume 2

Title 6. Banks and Financial Institutions.

Title 7. Repealed.

Title 8. Business and Professions.

Title 9. Code of Civil Procedure.

Volume 3

Title 10. Corporations and Associations.

Title 11. Criminal Law.

Title 12. Code of Criminal Procedure.

Volume 4

Title 13. Decedents’ Estates, Guardianships, Transfers, Trusts, and Health Care Decisions.

Title 14. Education, Libraries, and Museums.

Title 15. Elections.

Volume 5

Title 16. Fish and Game.

Title 17. Food and Drugs.

Title 18. Health, Safety, Housing, Human Rights, and Public Defender.

Title 19. Highways and Ferries.

Title 20. Transferred.

Volume 6

Title 21. Insurance.

Title 22. Judiciary.

Title 23. Labor and Workers' Compensation.

Volume 7

Title 24. Legislature and Lobbying.

Title 25. Marital and Domestic Relations.

Title 26. Military Affairs, Veterans, Disasters, and Aerospace.

Title 27. Mining.

Title 28. Motor Vehicles.

Title 29. Municipal Government.

Title 30. Navigation, Harbors, Shipping, and Transportation Facilities.

Title 31. Oil and Gas.

Title 32. Partnership.

Volume 8

Title 33. Probation, Prisons, Pardons, and Prisoners.

Title 34. Property.

Title 35. Public Buildings, Works, and Improvements.

Title 36. Public Contracts.

Title 37. Public Finance.

Title 38. Public Land.

Title 39. Public Officers and Employees.

Volume 9

Title 40. Public Records and Recorders.

Title 41. Public Resources.

Title 42. Public Utilities and Carriers and Energy Programs.

Title 43. Revenue and Taxation.

Title 44. State Government.

Volume 10

Title 45. Trade and Commerce.

Title 46. Water, Air, Energy, and Environmental Conservation.

Title 47. Welfare, Social Services and Institutions.

Volume 11

State of Origin Table

Table of Comparative Sections

Table of Comparative Sections, Codes of Civil and Criminal Procedure

Table of Disposition of Acts

Table of Sections Amended, Added, Repealed or Renumbered

Uniform Rules of the Alaska State Legislature

Executive Orders of the Governor


Table of Temporary and Special Acts Codified, Amended, Repealed or Cited

Volume 12


Temporary and Special Acts Volume

Temporary and Special Acts


Annotation Citator Volume

Alaska Legal Ethics Opinions and Rules Governing the Legal Profession