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AHLA Post-Acute Care Handbook: Regulatory, Risk and Compliance Issues (AHLA Members)

Publisher: AHLA

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1st Edition
ISBN: 9781630435035
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ISBN: 9781630435264
Published: December 05, 2014
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Traditional long term care has evolved to increased sub-acute and rehabilitative care, inspiring new regulatory changes and increased scrutiny. In addition, the expectations of facility residents and their families are growing.

This invaluable guide provides insight into what's ahead for professionals in the field and the evolving compliance and regulatory issues they'll face.
It covers:
•  The evolution of the nursing home survey process
•  Residents' rights and facility practices
•  The importance of nursing facility agreements
•  Compliance issues, including federal and state reimbursement requirements
•  Facilities' ability to challenge enforcement remedies imposed against them
•  Fraud and abuse issues that affect the industry
•  Development of new systems and relationships that respond to incentives under the Affordable Care Act

Also covered: What to consider when building, buying or selling a post-acute care facility. Learn more about financing for construction or acquisition of nursing homes, continuing care and assisted living facilities.

Ari J. Markenson

Jeannie A. Adams, Heather O. Berchem, Dena M. Castricone, Phillip J. Chapman, Michael H. Cook, Shery Tatar Dacso, Robin Dale, Janet K. Feldkamp, James P. Holloway, Alan C. Horowitz, matthew E. Jassak, John S. Linehan, Michael F. McGahan, James F. Miles, Julie B. Mitchell, Randi S. Nathanson, Daniel J. O'Brien, Michael A. Okaty, Emily M. Park, Paula G. Sanders, Howard L. Sollins, Daniel Z. Sternthal, Steven M. Swirsky, and Sanford V. Teplitzky

Caroline Berdzik, Joseph A. Donchess, Alan C. Horowitz, James F. Miles, Barbara L. Miltenberger, Michelle Petersen, Kelly A. Priegnitz, Christopher C. Puri, and Lawrence W. Vernaglia

Table of Contents


1  Nursing Facility Survey and Certification

2  Resident Rights and Facility Practices: A Look at the Current Status of Issues

3  Nursing Facility Agreements

4  Overview of Certificate of Need and Licensure for Nursing Home, Continuing Care, and Assisted Living

5  Contractual Relationships with Health Care Professionals

6  Compliance Plans for Long Term Care Facilities

7  Federal and State Reimbursement Compliance

8  Labor, Employment and Osha Issues

9  Provider Appeals

10  Fraud and Abuse Issues for Long Term Care Facilities

11  Assisted Living Communities and Continuing Care Retirement Communities

12  Managed Care and Long Term Care Providers-Integration

13  Buying and Selling Nursing Facilities

14  Financing for Construction and Acquisition Of Nursing Home, Continuing Care, and Assisted Living Developments