AHLA Medicare Law (Cornerstone Series) (AHLA Members)

This edition of AHLA Medicare Law covers the Medicare rules that have been changed substantially, including those driven by the Affordable Care Act.
Publisher: AHLA

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3rd Edition
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The American Health Law Association is pleased to bring you the Third Edition of Medicare Law. Our tremendous thanks go to Editor-in-Chief Thomas W. Coons and author experts Rodney A. Johnson, Emily Jane Cook, John R. Hellow, David W. Hilgers, Elizabeth T. Thomas, Matthew Philip Utecht, Kathleen Ann Peterson, Anne W. Hance, Gary Scott Davis, Adam J. Rogers, Donald H. Romano, Robert L. Roth, William T. Mathias, and James F. Flynn. Their work, like that of the previous author Terry Coleman, leads you through the Medicare maze, from a discussion about the program's structure, to the critically important aspects of benefits, coverage, and eligibility.

Coverage includes in depth examination and discussion of:

  • Payment for hospital services, including PPS and PPS-exempt hospitals
  • Hospital payment methods
  • The DRG system
  • The urban/rural distinctions
  • Outlier payments
  • The physician fee schedule
  • Cost reimbursement
  • Prohibited acts under the Anti-Kickback and Stark Laws
  • Administrative and judicial appeals processes; and
  • The new incentive payment programs

This is the road map to a thorough understanding of Medicare, whether you are just beginning the journey or are continuing to learn about this complex and important aspect of healthcare law. Best of all, it is organized to facilitate an understanding of the program and provides citations to the underlying portions of the statute, regulations and manuals.

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Published December, 2012.


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Chapter 1 — Introduction

Chapter 2 — Benefits and Coverage Under Part A and Part B

Chapter 3 — Payment for Hospital Services

Chapter 4 — Payment for Physician Services

Chapter 5 — Payment for Other Items and Services

Chapter 6 — Prescription Drug Benefit

Chapter 7 — Medicare Advantage and PACE Plans

Chapter 8 — Cost Reimbursement

Chapter 9 — Conditions for Coverage and Payment

Chapter 10 — Billing, Payment, and Charges

Chapter 11 — Prohibited Acts and Penalties

Chapter 12 — Appeals and Reopenings

Chapter 13 — Incentive Payment Programs