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AHLA HIPAA/HITECH Resource Guide (Non-Members)

Publisher: AHLA

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With expert editorial oversight and authorship, this new title from AHLA provides the latest guidance for understanding all aspects of the protection of patients' personal information. The changes, which culminated with last years' HIPAA Omnibus Rule, affect individuals, health systems, business associates, and many others.

HIPAA/HITECH Resource Guide provides not only the history of the development of the rules and standards, but also the latest practical guidance for insuring compliance. Background and context are provided with insightful coverage of:

  • The rules and regulations governing patient privacy prior to enactment of the Omnibus Rule.
  • The numerous aspects of the Administrative Simplification Act-Standard Transactions and Code Sets.
  • Employer, provider, and health plan identifiers — including definitions of key terms.
  • Expansion of liability to more organizations.
  • Increased liability on the part of "business associates" who must now adopt their own security protocols and perform security risk analysis.

The Guide includes numerous practice tools such as:

  • Sample privacy right policies
  • HIPAA business associate agreements
  • Subcontractor agreements
  • A HIPAA training outline
  • A survey of state health care privacy laws

Patricia D. King

Jeffrey Adest, Lara Jean Ancona, Ann M. Bittinger, Damon G. Carpenter, Alisa L. Chestler, Lisa L. Dahm, William P. Dillon, Gregory Ewing, Valita Marie Fredland, Jill M. Girardeau, Jennifer J. Hennessy, Caroline Kubovy, Morris A. Landau, Wendy C. Maneval, Valerie Breslin Montague, John Murdoch, Cheryl Camin Murray, Stephen Page, Jennifer L. Rathburn, Lisa Pierce Resz, Stephen D. Rose, Amita A. Sanghvi, Sarah E. Swank, and Leslie M. Tector.

Table of Contents

Summary Table of Contents

Ch. 1  Background/Original HIPAA Regulations

Ch. 2  HiTech Act Privacy Provisions

Ch. 3  HiTech Rulemaking Prior to HIPAA Privacy/Security Amendments

Ch. 4  Modifications to HIPAA Privacy, Security and Enforcement Under the HIPAA Omnibus Rule

Ch. 5  Practice Tools

Ch. 6  Survey of State Health Care Privacy Laws