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A Practical Guide to Outsourcing Agreements

A Practical Guide to Outsourcing Agreements is the essential guide book ...
Print Book :1 volume, hardbound
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ISBN: 9780820568874
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Written by the highly regarded Adam Vereshack, who has over 15 years' experience negotiating outsourcing transactions for major Canadian and international companies, this is the essential guidebook to analysing the major issues that arise in outsourcing agreements. It includes guidelines and clauses to help you to deal with the basic questions of when outsourcing is an appropriate solution to a situation and problems that must be addressed when contracting with a supplier. All issues discussed have been taken from actual outsourcing agreements including: Transition of employees; Charging methodologies; Improvements and gain sharing; Benchmarking Performance and service levels; Use of the balanced scorecard model and Offshoring. This is the definitive guide to outsourcing contracts for business lawyers who want to understand the issues that arise in outsourcing agreements in order to practise in this burgeoning area, and Corporate Executives, including Chief Information Officers and Chief Financial Officers, who wish to outsource information technology and/or business processes.s.ted features; ยท the impact of the Ipp Report; and related and analogous state, interstate and federal laws. Changes to privacy legislation and the proposed National Health Privacy Code reciate the book's unique integration of evidence and procedure supported with a commentary that embraces a contextualised approach to legal doctrine. attention has been given to Australian sources, although reference is still made to decisions from other countries. In this edition, references to the authorised reports of all cases have been included.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Opening Part of the Agreement

Chapter 3: Initial and Transitional Matters

Chapter 4: Transfer of Employees

Chapter 5: Services

Chapter 6: Project Services

Chapter 7: Improvements and Gain Sharing

Chapter 8: Charges and Adjustments

Chapter 9: Invoicing, Payment and Taxes

Chapter 10: Subcontracting

Chapter 11: Performance and Service Levels

Chapter 12: Performance: The Balanced Scorecard

Chapter 13: Audit Rights

Chapter 14: Change Order Process

Chapter 15: Disaster Recovery and Force Majeure

Chapter 16: Governance

Chapter 17: Intellectual Property

Chapter 18: Confidentiality and Privacy

Chapter 19: Insurance

Chapter 20: Indemnification

Chapter 21: Representations, Warranties and Covenants

Chapter 22: Limitation of Liability

Chapter 23: Termination

Chapter 24: Termination of Services

Chapter 25: Dispute Resolution

Chapter 26: Miscellaneous Provisions

Chapter 27: Offshore Outsourcing