57th Annual Heckerling Institute on Estate Planning with Index

Each year the most prominent authorities in the field come together at the Heckerling University of Miami Institute on Estate Planning to discuss and analyze the most important developments in the areas of estate planning and estate, gift, and income taxation.
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ISBN: 9781663359551
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The Heckerling Institute presents the most important developments in the areas of estate planning and estate, gift and income taxation. Now in its fifty-seventh year, the Heckerling Institute is widely regarded as the premier estate planning program in the country. This publication w/index contains articles based on the podium lectures delivered at the Heckerling Institute.

The 56th Annual Edition ISBN is 9781663348395.


Table of contents

Ch 1: Recent Developments -- 2022

Ch 2: Not Too Rich, Not Too Poor: Goldilocks Planning for the Middle-Rich Clients Who Need Our Help

Ch 3: It's a Nice Place to Visit, But Do You Want to Live There?

Ch 4: Lloyd Leva Plaine Distinguished Lecture -- What's Under The Robe?

Ch 5: You're Fired! When and How to Fire a Client

Ch 6: Goblins Lamentation List: Unscrambling Installment Obligations

Ch 7: You're No Good, You're No Good, Baby, You're No Good -- Saying Goodbye to the Recalcitrant Trustee

Ch 8: Current Trends in Special Needs and Elder Law

Ch 9: America the Gradual: How Anti-Money Laundering Initiatives Affect Estate Planners

Ch 10: Question and Answer Session

Ch 11: Structuring Inbound Investments into U.S. Markets (Layover Required)

Ch 12: With Strings Attached -- Designing and Documenting
Charitable Gifts Today

Ch 13: Watch Your Steps--Don't Abuse Substance in Transfer Tax Transactions

Ch 14: Estate Planning for Retirement Benefits 2023

Ch 15: Wrap-Up: It Ain't Over Till It's Over