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50th Annual Heckerling Institute on Estate Planning

Publisher: LexisNexis

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Each year the most prominent authorities in the field come together at the Heckerling Institute on Estate Planning to discuss and analyze the most important developments in the areas of estate planning and estate, gift, and income taxation. Now in its fiftieth year, the Heckerling Institute is widely regarded as the premier estate planning program in the country. This one-volume publication provides cutting-edge articles based on the podium lectures delivered at the Heckerling Institute.

Hot topics for this year's Institute include:

•  Annual Review of Estate Planning Developments
•  Uses of Partnerships in Estate Planning
•  Special Needs Trusts
•  Lifetime QTIPs

Table of Contents

Ch 1: Recent Developments-2015

Ch 2: Heads I Win, Tails You Lose: Advising the Global Super Rich in Times of Protracted and Unprecedented Political, Economic, Cultural and Scientific Change

Ch 3: Modern Uses of Partnerships in Estate Planning

Ch 4: The Prerogatives of Privileges: The Ethics of Protecting Our Planning Clients (Even From Themselves!)

Ch 5: The Lloyd Leva Plaine Distinguished Lecture Series: The Supreme Court in the Age of Obama

Ch 6: Don't Be Afraid of the Dark-Navigating Trusts Through the NIIT

Ch 7: Navigating the Shoals of Nonprofit Board Service

Ch 8: Naked Derivatives and Other Exotic Wealth Transfers

Ch 9: Effective Estate Planning for Diminished Capacity-Can You Really Avoid a Guardianship?

Ch 10: Special Needs-Special Trusts: What You Don't Know Can Hurt Your Clients and You!

Ch 11: Planning and Drafting for the Married Couple in an Era of Mobility, Portability and Liability

Ch 12: Question and Answer Session

Ch 13: A New World Order for Estate Planners

Ch 14: The Trustee Selection Minefield-Tax Traps and Other Trustee Selection Considerations

Ch 15: Rejuvenating Stale Irrevocable Trusts Through Trust-to-Trust Transfers

Ch 16: Lifetime QTIPs-Why They Should Be Ubiquitous in Estate Planning

Ch 17: How To Do Estate Planning for Retirement Benefits

Ch 18: Chapter 14 "Soup to Nuts": A Practitioner's Guide Through the Minefield

Ch 19: Practical Planning Strategies for the Future