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Case File :Softbound, 88 pages
3rd Edition
ISBN/ISSN: 9781601562166
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3rd Edition
ISBN/ISSN: 9781601566874
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At what point does a friendly conversation end and a business consultation begin? That is the question explored in this business contracts case file. The plaintiff, Roberta Quinlan, demands a broker fee of $300,000 that she is convinced she is entitled to be paid for her services as a business broker. The defendant, Brian Kane, however, maintains that Quinlan simply offered friendly advice on the sale of his business, Kane Electronics, to Nita Computer World and therefore he owes her no fee. There are two witnesses for both the plaintiff and the defendant.

The case file includes a CD that contains video deposition clips, exhibits, and a PowerPoint slide show.

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Table of contents


Fact Summary
Complaint For Damages
Deposition Summaries

Roberta Quinlan
Brian Kane
Cliff Fuller
Margaret Edmondson

Jury Instructions and Verdict Form
Jury Instructions
Verdict Form

Exhibit 1 Telephone message slip from Kane's secretary showing a call from Quinlan
Exhibit 2 First draft of confirming letter Quinlan wrote after June 12, 2011 meeting with Kane
Exhibit 3 Copy of confirming letter Quinlan sent to Kane after June 12, 2011 meeting with Kane
Exhibit 4 Page from Quinlan's outgoing phone log
Exhibit 5 Quinlan's broker agreement
Exhibit 6 Note made by Kane about Fuller call
Exhibit 7 Photograph of Quinlan and Kane standing together at the tee
Exhibit 8 Photograph of Quinlan and Kane with Kane teeing off
Exhibit 9 Photograph of Quinlan and Fuller at an office party talking together
Exhibit 10 Photograph of Quinlan and Fuller at an office party
Exhibit 11 Diagram of Kane's house
Exhibit 12 E-mail from Quinlan to Kane
Exhibit 13 E-mail from Kane to Quinlan
Exhibit 14 Video clip, Quinlan deposition, p. 35-36 (on CD)
Exhibit 15 Video clip, Kane deposition, p. 22 (on CD)

Special Impeachment Problems

Thumbnails of PowerPoint Slides