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State v. Casey

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Case File + CD :Softbound, 206 pages
2nd Edition
ISBN/ISSN: 9781601564511
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2nd Edition
ISBN/ISSN: 9781632827258
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In State v. Casey, the defense and the prosecution agree that Bill Melton and his eleven-year-old son Stephen were murdered in their home with Bill's own shotgun. What they don't agree on, however, is who pulled the trigger.

Michael Casey, the eighteen-year-old defendant, has been charged with first-degree murder in the deaths of his stepfather and half-brother. Michael confesses to Detective Stevens but later recants, contending that it was his mother, Dianna Melton, who actually murdered Bill and Stephen to collect $500,000 in insurance money. The prosecution stands by its case that Michael, allegedly inspired by a made-for-television movie about a teenager who murders his family under similar circumstances, killed both victims--and would have killed his own mother, too, if he hadn't run out of shotgun shells.

This second edition of State v. Casey tests the student's advocacy and medical expert witness skills through this full trial, which includes four witnesses per side, including the coroner and forensic experts in fingerprint and blood spatter analysis, and electronic evidence in the form of Facebook posts on an online "microsite." The case file also includes CD-ROM containing the exhibits.

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Special Instructions for Use as a Full Trial


Transcript of 911 Call, November 19, YR-2

Living Room and Large Couch in Melton Home
Hallway Entrance and Hallway Leading to Master Bedroom
Melton Mobile Home
Interior of Trailer
Bathroom and Right-Handed Glove
Master Bedroom Ceiling in Doorway Area
Particles on Dianna Melton's Bed and Clothing
Michael Casey's Facebook Page
TV Guide for November 19, YR-2

The Melton Property
The Melton Residence
Back of Melton Residence
Living room and Kitchen

Police Reports
Offense Report by Detective Pat Stevens
Transcript of Statement Dianna Melton
Transcript of Call from Dianna Melton to Michael Casey
Transcript of Statement of Michael Casey
Statement of Terry Hodges
Statement of Jan Gregg
Statement of Sherry Melton
Supplemental Report by Detective Pat Stevens—Investigation of Remarks Made by              Michael Casey on Facebook Page about Bill and Steven Melton
Supplemental Report by Detective Pat Stevens—Investigation Concerning The Morrison              Murders
Supplemental Report by Detective Pat Stevens—Statement of Pat Hermanski
Supplemental Report by Detective Pat Stevens—Investigation Concerning William        Melton's Insurance Policies
Agreement and Release for Nita Bell Insurance Proceeds
Final Statement on William Melton's Alanco Group Life Policy
Supplemental Report by Detective Pat Stevens—Video Recording of Melton Premises       and Replacement of Master Bedroom Door
Request for Forensic Science Analyses—Bret King
Curriculum Vitae—Bret King
Supplemental Report of Forensic Scientist Brett King—Ceiling Particles and Door
Report of Fingerprint Examination by Senior ID Technician Christina Barney
Curriculum Vitae—Christina Barney

Autopsy Report—William Melton

Autopsy Report—Steven Melton

Curriculum Vitae—Dr. Jocelyn Walker

Arrest and Conviction Records
Michael S. Casey
Terry J. Hodges
Jan C. Gregg

Testimonies at First Trial
Diane Melton
Detective Pat Stevens
Terry Hodges
Bret King
Jan Gregg
Pat Hermanski
Sherry Melton
Michael Casey

Report of Defense Investigator Howard Rackley—Statement of Jan Gregg

Applicable NITA Criminal Code and Employment Code Sections

Jury Instructions

Verdict Form