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Problems and Materials in Evidence and Trial Advocacy, Volume II (Problems)

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6th Edition
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Volume two of Problems and Materials in Evidence and Trial Advocacy is designed as the workbook for coordinated courses in Evidence and Trial Advocacy. It contains over three hundred problems in evidence law and over sixty exercises in trial advocacy. It is designed to be used with Volume I of Problems and Materials, which contains two relatively detailed case files, one criminal and the other civil.

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Table of contents


Section One: Problems, Questions, and Exercises in Evidence

Learning Evidence and How to Prepare for Class

I.  Introductory Problems on Hearsay (Problems 1-8)

II.  Relevance (Problems 9-72)

III.  Writings and Exhibits (Problems 73-97)

IV.  Witness Examination and Rulings on Evidence (Problems 98-111)

V.  Impeachment and Rehabilitation (Problems 112-148)

VI.  Burden of Proof and Presumptions (Problems 149-154)

VII.  Opinion Testimony (Lay and Expert) (Problems 155-183)

VIII.  Privileges (Problems 184-213)

IX.  Hearsay (Problems 214-304)

X.  Judicial Notice (Problems 305-312)

XI.  Concluding Questions (Problems 313-315)

Section Two: Trial Advocacy Problems

I.  Storytelling (Problems 1–2)

II.  Basic Direct and Cross-Examination 3-15)

III.  Introduction of Exhibits (Problems 16–33)

IV.  Character Evidence (Problems 34–39)

V.  Impeachment (Problems 40–45)

VI.  Adverse Examination (Problems 46–48)

VII.  Advanced Direct and Cross-Examination (Lay and Expert) (Problems 49–74)

VIII.  Expert Witnesses (Problems 55–56)
           Appraisal of Real Estate

IX.  Opening Statements (Problems 57–58)

X.  Final Arguments (Problems 59–60)

XI.  Jury Selection (Problems 61–62)