Private Equity in Hong Kong and China – Third Edition

Private Equity in Hong Kong and China aims to provide an overview of private equity investments by guiding readers through each stage of a transaction, from deal-structuring, deal-financing to exit strategies. Also included in this new edition are legislative changes with impact on private equity investments such as the new foreign investment law and data privacy regulations in China, compliance considerations after a private equity investment is made, and an update on the listing regimes in Hong Kong and the U.S. with an emphasis on SPACs. Consistent with previous editions, we aim to make this title more than a mere textbook: Whilst its focus is on the laws of Hong Kong and the People’s Republic of China, this book contains brief discussions on offshore elements, such as the role played by offshore tax havens in the structuring of funds and investments.

Publication Date: September 2019

Publisher: LexisNexis

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Private Equity in Hong Kong and China provides its readers with an overview of the main issues, common procedures and documentation involved in each stage of a private equity investment. The term ‘private equity’ usually refers to an equity investment in private companies that are not quoted on a stock exchange. However, Hong Kong in recent years has also witnessed an increasing interest of the private equity investors in participating in public companies’ privatisation and PIPE (private investment in public equity). There are a number of investment strategies including but not limited to, venture capital, management and leveraged buyouts, management buy-ins, rescues, and expansion capital. Venture capital is one of the most common strategies adopted in Hong Kong. Written by senior legal practitioners with established practice in this area, Private Equity in Hong Kong and China is structured with an aim to provide a step-by-step guide for easy grasp of key concepts and to provide useful insight to investment strategy. Sample transaction documents with explanatory notes are also included to assist readers to gain a thorough understanding in a systematic manner. This book is an indispensable guide to legal practitioners, business investors, students or to anyone at all who deals with this area of law.

1. Mediation and Mediators

2. Engaging in the Mediation System

3. Establishing and Maintaining a Favourable Climate

4. Diagnosing, Designing, Defining

5. Managing the Mediation Procedure

6. Assisting Communication and Cultural Dynamics

7. Facilitating the Negotiations

8. Mediators Encouraging Settlement

9. Variations in Mediation Procedures

10. Disruptive Issues in Mediation

11. Avoiding Mediator Traps

12. Towards Compleate and Wyse Mediators

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