Fisher and Lightwood's Law of Mortgage 15th edition

The leading text on the law of mortgages.

Publication Date: August 2019

Publisher: LexisNexis Butterworths

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This title covers all aspects of the law of mortgages, including what mortgages and charges are, parties to mortgages, void or imperfect securities, transfer and devolution of mortgages, mortgagee's remedies, priorities of mortgages, incidence of the mortgage debt, discharge of the mortgage, accounts and costs.

Chapter 1 Introduction to Singapore Income Tax

Chapter 2 Meaning of Employment and Employer’s Singapore tax reporting obligation

Chapter 3 Corporate Income Tax Considerations for Singapore and Foreign Employers to Hire Expatriates to work in Singapore

Chapter 4 Personal Income Tax Considerations for Structuring Expatriates’ Remuneration Package

Chapter 5 Corporate and Personal Income Tax Considerations for Termination of Expatriate’s Employment

Chapter 6 Review of the Singapore Anti-Avoidance Tax Provisions

Chapter 7 Meaning of Tax Minimistation

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