Tan Sook Yee’s Principles of Singapore Land Law, Fourth Edition [eBook]

In the fourth edition, Professors Tang Hang Wu (Singapore Management University) and Kelvin FK Low (City University of Hong Kong) have updated the text to take into account extensive legislative and case law developments over the past decade.

Publication Date: May 2019

Publisher: LexisNexis

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ISBN: 9789814798808
Tan Sook Yee’s Principles of Singapore Land Law has been hailed as a milestone among legal texts in Singapore. The third edition of this book has been widely relied on by all levels of the Singapore courts and the Federal Court of Malaysia. In this fourth edition, the work has been revised extensively by Professor Tang Hang Wu (Singapore Management University) and Professor Kelvin FK Low (City University of Hong Kong), taking on board developments in the law for the past decade. Reviews of the Third Edition: . . . a ground-breaking text on the subject . . . ‘Introduction: Land Law’ (2010) 22 SAcLJ 1 Professor Kevin Gray, Cambridge University . . . superb analysis of the in personam [exception] . . . [the section on the in personam exception] ‘should be mandatory for all students, academics and practitioners engaged in this area’ . . . [this book] seeks to establish itself as an authoritative source and in this mission it admirably meets that task. I heartily recommend it, not only to those directly interested in Singapore land law, but to those with an interest in land law generally . . . Book Review in Australian Property Law Journal Lynden Griggs, Senior Lecturer, University of Tasmania . . . In my view, no lawyer in practice should be without it. Some may say only conveyancers need to know the hard law it deals with in respect of land law issues. Well, I would venture that it is the uninformed, and the under-prepared litigation lawyer who chooses not to have this book in his arsenal of substantive law! To say the book is of a very high standard is an understatement . . . Book Review in Law Gazette Professor Leslie Chew SC, Dean of Singapore University of Social Science School of Law . . . [The treatment of diverse views of in personam exception] is simply masterful . . . It becomes clear to any reader that this text is not simply a restatement of the law; it has evolved into a mature academic work for all who are looking to analyse and reflect on contentious issues in the land law of Singapore and other Commonwealth jurisdictions . . . This is a seminal work of immense value to students, academics and practitioners of property law alike —within Singapore and beyond . . . Book Review in Singapore Journal of Legal Studies Wu Zhuang Hui, Partner, Kobre & Kim . . . the leading cases are discussed in detail with ample reference to all secondary Singaporean, and other legal literature which bears upon any topic. The editors have been astute to set out the policy arguments in favour of a particular result . . . Book Review in Australian Bar Review Associate Professor Lee Aitken, University of Queensland

Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Entering into a Contract of Employment

Chapter 3 Terms of the Contract of Employment

Chapter 4 Obligations of the Employer

Chapter 5 Obligations of the Employee

Chapter 6 Termination of the Contract of Employment

Chapter 7 Health and Safety at Work

Chapter 8 Trade Unions and Industrial Relations

Chapter 9 Changes in the Employing Enterprise

Chapter 10 Employment of Foreign Employees

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