Halsbury’s Laws of Singapore Volume 15(2) Personal Data Protection (Nov 2023)

The commentary is divided into two sections. The first concentrates on the Personal Data Protection Act 2012, whereby personal data protection provisions, do not call register provisions, investigatory powers, and offences are discussed. The second section focuses on the Credit Bureau Act 2016 (which includes overview, licensing and membership of credit bureaus, and offences). 

Publication Date: November 2023

Publisher: LexisNexis

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November 2023 ushers an update to the Personal Data Protection title, as completed by Lyn Boxall. Updates include Audio House Marketing Pte Ltd [2022] SGPDPCS 11, Lovebonito Singapore Pte. Ltd. [2022] SGPDPC 3, Farrer Park Hospital Pte Ltd [2022] SGPDPC 6, Credit Bureau Act 2016 (2020 Rev Ed), Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (2020 Rev Ed), and Rules of Court 2021 (S 914/2021).

Part I: Understanding the Law

Chapter 1 Understanding Caselaw

Chapter 2 Understanding Statutes

Part II: Legal Analysis

Chapter 3 Facts

Chapter 4 Laws

Chapter 5 Applying Law to Facts

Part III: The Art of (Legal) Writing

Chapter 6 Before Writing

Chapter 7 When Writing

Part IV: Predictive and Persuasive Writing

Chapter 8 Predictive Writing (Legal Memorandums)

Chapter 9 Predictive Writing (Research Papers)

Chapter 10 Client Communications

Chapter 11 Persuasive Writing

Part V: Survival Tips

Chapter 12 Surviving Law School

Chapter 13 Surviving Practice

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