Halsbury’s Laws of Singapore Volume 5 Commercial Law - Hire Purchase (Nov 2023)

From transaction, creation, termination to practice and procedure of hire-purchase, readers will find a concise commentary on the hire-purchase laws in Singapore encapsulated in the six chapters of the tile.

Publication Date: November 2023

Publisher: LexisNexis

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The Conflict of Laws title has been updated by Lun Chee Leong for November 2023. Updates include Ethoz Capital Ltd v Im8ex Pte Ltd and others [2023] 1 SLR 922, [2023] SGCA 3, Alternative Advisors Investments Pte Ltd v Asidokona Mining Resources Pte Ltd [2023] 4 SLR 284, [2022] SGHC 41, Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act 2003 (2020 Rev Ed), and Rules of Court 2021 (S 914/2021).

Part I: Understanding the Law

Chapter 1 Understanding Caselaw

Chapter 2 Understanding Statutes

Part II: Legal Analysis

Chapter 3 Facts

Chapter 4 Laws

Chapter 5 Applying Law to Facts

Part III: The Art of (Legal) Writing

Chapter 6 Before Writing

Chapter 7 When Writing

Part IV: Predictive and Persuasive Writing

Chapter 8 Predictive Writing (Legal Memorandums)

Chapter 9 Predictive Writing (Research Papers)

Chapter 10 Client Communications

Chapter 11 Persuasive Writing

Part V: Survival Tips

Chapter 12 Surviving Law School

Chapter 13 Surviving Practice

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