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Legal Topics

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  1. View details Capital Market Laws of Malaysia, Second Edition
    Author: Shanti Geoffrey
    Publication Date: November 2020
    eBookBook (Soft cover)
    This book will be a practical guide on the legal and regulatory framework of the Malaysian capital market. It will equip legal practitioners, law students as well as intermediaries who carry out activities such as selling in securities, investment advice and corporate finance with a clear understanding of how the Malaysian capital market is regulated.

    Starting at MYR 324.00

  2. View details Take-overs and Mergers, 3rd Edition
    Book (Soft cover)eBook
    Take-overs and Mergers, 3rd Edition provides a detailed and systematic account of the law and practice relating to take-overs and mergers.

    Starting at MYR 972.00

  3. View details Business Law in Malaysia, 3rd Ed
    Author(s): Abdul Majid bin Nabi Baksh, Krishnan Arjunan
    Publication Date: September 2020
    Book (Soft cover)eBook
    This third edition of the text, since the second in 2014, has been thoroughly updated to reflect recent developments in Business Law and also to reappraise the various topics. It eschews the “bare bones” notational treatment offered by some texts and continues to maintain the refreshing approach adopted in the original edition. As in earlier editions, it presents an in-depth exposition of the selected topics in prose that is clear, concise and easily readable. Recent case law as well as relevant legislative enactments and amendments have been incorporated in this edition. In particular, with the advent of the Companies Act 2016, repealing the Companies Act 1965, chapter 25 on Company Law has had to be completely re-written to bring on board the consequent changes revamping the corporate regime. Moreover, the Electronic Commerce Act 2006, has been taken on board and its impact on ‘offer and acceptance’, in particular, has been discussed in some detail.

    Starting at MYR 270.00

  4. View details Commercial Law in Malaysia, 2nd Edition
    Author(s): Professor Datin Dr Lee Mei Pheng , Datuk Detta Samen, Ivan Jeron Detta
    Publication Date: May 2020
    Book (Soft cover)eBook
    This book contains comprehensive reference material on the various aspects of commercial law including the traditional legal topics on agency, partnership, sale of goods, hire-purchase, insurance, negotiable instruments and cheques; and a more current topic on electronic commerce. This book provides a convenient source of reference on commercial law in the Malaysian context.

    Starting at MYR 486.00

  5. View details Employment Misconduct
    ISBN: skumy0014
    Book (Soft cover)eBook
    Provides a good reference guide, and encompasses the concept of misconduct to management, supervisors and staff on various forms of misconduct in the workplace, the appropriate disciplinary action to be taken and whether or not the misconduct warrants a dismissal.

    Starting at MYR 162.00

  6. Islamic Financial Services Act 2013: An Annotation, 2nd Edition
    View details Islamic Financial Services Act 2013: An Annotation, 2nd Edition
    Author: Mohd Johan Lee
    Publication Date: June 2024
    Book (Soft cover)eBook

    The Islamic Financial Services Act 2013 combines the previously repealed Islamic Banking Act 1983, Payment Systems Act 2003, Takaful Act 1984, and Exchange Control Act 1953. 

    Starting at MYR 248.40

  7. View details Lam On Construction Claims in Malaysia

    This book is suitable for all stakeholders in the construction industry, especially employers, contractors, construction professionals and construction law practitioners.

    Starting at MYR 400.00

  8. View details Malaysian Court Practice, 2019 Desk Edition, Appellate Court Practice (Soft Cover)
    Author: Datuk Dr. Prasad Abraham
    ISBN: 9789674008710
    Publication Date: December 2019
    Book (Soft cover)
    • Updated cases, citation, and commentaries throughout the divisions. • Incorporation of the latest amendments to the Rule of the Federal Court 1995 [PU (A) 25/2018], the Rules of the Court of Appeal 1994 [PU (A) 26/2018]; and • Replacement of the Commissioners for Oaths Rules 1993 to the Commissioners for Oaths Rules 2018
    MYR 640.00
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