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Legal Topics

Discover the latest law titles from LexisNexis Malaysia. Whether it is company or criminal law you're interested in, or whether you're a student, teacher or professional, our selection allows you to find all available insight. Browse our legal bookshop today.
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  1. View details Khaw on Copyright Law in Malaysia, 4th Edition (Soft Cover)
    Author(s): Khaw Lake Tee , Tay Pek San
    ISBN: 9789674006815
    Publication Date: July 2017
    Book (Soft cover)
    This book provides an extensive and in-depth analysis of each component area in copyright law. In each of the areas, the provisions of the Copyright Act 1987 are clearly examined and explained by reference to local case law, where available, and where local cases are lacking, by reference to case law from other jurisdictions.
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    MYR 450.00
  2. View details Criminal Law in Singapore
    Author(s): Chan Wing Cheong, Neil Morgan, Stanley Yeo
    Publication Date: December 2021
    Book (Soft cover)eBook
    This book describes and evaluates the general principles of criminal responsibility and the major offences against the person and property contained in the Singapore Penal Code. Leading cases from Singapore and the other Indian Penal Code jurisdictions of India, Malaysia, Myanmar and Sri Lanka are considered, along with relevant cases from major common law jurisdictions.

    Starting at MYR 650.16

  3. View details Navigating Employment Disputes in Malaysia
    Author: Donovan Cheah
    Publication Date: October 2021
    Book (Soft cover)eBook
    Employment disputes may often be confined to specific issues, but they can be complex and unpredictable because of the human element. This book aims to guide those who face the unenviable task of managing an employment dispute, whether personally or on behalf of their company.

    Starting at MYR 248.40

  4. View details National Land Code: A Commentary, 2021 Desk Edition
    Author: Judith Sihombing
    ISBN: NLC2021DE
    Publication Date: September 2021
    Book (Soft cover)eBook
    This 2021 desk edition of the National Land Code looks at recent decisions, including case law from other jurisdictions, on the National Land Code, and analyses their relationship to the operation of the Code.

    Starting at MYR 750.00

  5. View details Singapore Trusts Law
    Author(s): Christopher Hare, Vincent Ooi
    Publication Date: August 2021
    Book (Soft cover)eBook
    The book is intended to serve as a core textbook for students studying Equity and Trusts in Singapore, and as a useful reference for practitioners. As such, it will closely cover the Equity and Trusts course syllabuses in all three local law schools.

    Starting at MYR 746.28

  6. View details Information Asset Protection
    Author(s): Jonathan Kok, Charmian Aw
    Publication Date: July 2021
    Book (Soft cover)eBook
    Information Asset Protection provides a fresh take on the concept of data protection, a term commonly associated with the safeguarding of personal information. Data exists in many forms, and due to advances in technology, can today be stored, transferred and accessed with ease.

    Starting at MYR 405.00

  7. View details Regulation of Fintech in Asia-Pacific
    Author(s): Adrian Lawrence, Gavin Raftery, Randall E. Duran
    Publication Date: July 2021
    Book (Soft cover)eBook
    Regulation of Fintech in Asia-Pacific provides a contextual overview of Fintech and explains the legal and regulatory concerns most relevant to it.

    Starting at MYR 216.00

  8. View details Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Law: Risks and Mitigation
    Author(s): Bridget Kathleen Mead, Paul Flanagan, Jared Paul Miller, James Goepel, James Ottavio Castagnera
    Publication Date: June 2021
    Book (Soft cover)eBook
    A substantial reference on the data privacy and cybersecurity law, providing immediately applicable information on starting ERM and compliance programs.

    Starting at MYR 398.52

  9. View details Khoo’s Law and Practice of Bankruptcy in Malaysia, Third Edition
    Author: Khoo Kay Ping
    Publication Date: June 2021
    Book (Soft cover)eBook
    An effective reference book on the bankruptcy law and practice in Malaysia.

    Starting at MYR 380.00

  10. View details Law of Trade Marks and Passing Off in Malaysia
    Author: Teo Bong Kwang
    Publication Date: April 2021
    Book (Soft cover)eBook
    This book provides readers with a comprehensive view of the legislative provisions and principles for the registration, maintenance and enforcement of trade marks as well as the general principles related to the common law action for passing off.

    Starting at MYR 400.00

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