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Legal Topics

Discover the latest law titles from LexisNexis Malaysia. Whether it is company or criminal law you're interested in, or whether you're a student, teacher or professional, our selection allows you to find all available insight. Browse our legal bookshop today.
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  1. View details Islamic Banking in Malaysia: Shariah Theories, the Laws, Current Structures and Practices, and Legal Docume...
    ISBN: 9789674007249
    Publication Date: October 2017
    First publication that brings all the theoretical aspect,practical aspect and legal aspect of Islamic banking in Malaysia. by Mohd Johan Lee (Author)
    MYR 194.40
  2. View details Khaw on Copyright Law in Malaysia, 4th Edition (Soft Cover)
    Author(s): Khaw Lake Tee , Tay Pek San
    ISBN: 9789674006815
    Publication Date: July 2017
    Book (Soft cover)
    This book provides an extensive and in-depth analysis of each component area in copyright law. In each of the areas, the provisions of the Copyright Act 1987 are clearly examined and explained by reference to local case law, where available, and where local cases are lacking, by reference to case law from other jurisdictions.
    *Physical books are now printed on demand. Order now to receive your book in 4 weeks.
    MYR 450.00
  3. View details The Law of Torts in Malaysia
    Author: Dr Syed Ahmad S A Alsagoff
    ISBN: 9789674006839
    Publication Date: September 2017
    The book places great emphasis on the law of torts as developed in Malaysia and also includes cases decided in Commonwealth countries. It goes through the nature and function of tort law, the rules and principles that govern it and the remedies available. The author honours the contribution of the nation's judges by putting their names in prominence and acknowledging their elevation to the higher bench.
    MYR 237.60
  4. View details Malaysian Employment Act 1955 Handbook
    ISBN: MYEA1955HB
    Publication Date: November 2022
    Book (Soft cover)eBook

    The Malaysian Employment Act 1955 Handbook is designed to provide persons in Human Resources, and Employment Law sectors with a concise and comprehensive reference to all the recent amendments to the Employment Act 1955. This handbook equips readers with a complete guide to the new provisions for quick and easy implementation in compliance with the law.

    Starting at MYR 84.24

  5. View details Constitutional Law in Malaysia
    Author(s): Mohammad Naqib Ishan Jan, Lahveenya Panchalingam, Haslinda Mohd Anuar, Abdul Rani Kamarudin, Ashgar Ali Ali Mohamed, Nurhafilah Musa, Nor Hafizah Mohd Badrol Afandi, Noor Shuhadawati Mohamad Amin, Nik Salida Suhaila Nik Saleh, Ahmad Masum, Ahmed Majid, Hafidz Hakimi Haron, Chithra Latha Ramalingam, Sheila Ramalingam, Andrew J Harding, Muhamad Hassan Ahmad, Adnan Yaakob, Yusuff Jelili Amuda, Yusuf Ibrahim Arowosaiye, Vijiaprabu Manikam, Usharani Balasingam, Syed Hamid Syed Jaafar Albar
    Publication Date: November 2022
    eBookBook (Soft cover)

    The Constitutional Law in Malaysia comprises of 28 chapters and is an all-encompassing text of constitutional law on a wide range of important areas under the Federal Constitution.



    Starting at MYR 194.40

  6. View details Principles of Malaysian Land Law, Second Edition
    Author(s): Ainul Jaria Maidin, Sharifah Zubaidah, Nor Asiah Mohamad, Azlinor Sufian, Fauziah Mohd Noor
    Publication Date: September 2022
    eBookBook (Soft cover)
    This book seeks to set out the concepts and principles of Malaysian Land Law that is simplified to enable readers, especially Law students, to grasp a clear understanding of the subject.

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    Starting at MYR 216.00

  7. View details Singapore Civil Practice
    Author: Jeffrey Pinsler, SC
    Publication Date: June 2022
    eBookBook (Hardback)
    Singapore Civil Practice covers all amendments to rules of court as well as case law developments, practice directions, other legal sources, and practice information in a new format.

    Starting at MYR 2,700.00

  8. View details Family Law in Malaysia, Second Edition
    Author(s): Nur Ezan Rahmat, Daleleer Kaur Randawar, Akbar Kamarudin @ Abdul Shukor
    Publication Date: August 2022
    eBookBook (Soft cover)
    This book provides for the current legal position of family law for non-Muslims in Malaysia. This essentially concerns situations before marriage, during marriage, after divorce and issues pertaining to children.

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    Starting at MYR 151.20

  9. View details Security of Payments and Construction Adjudication, Third Edition
    Author: Chow Kok Fong
    eBookBook (Hardback)
    The Third Edition addresses all the wealth of case law up to March 2022, examines new jurisprudential materials emanating from the UK, Australia, Ireland, Malaysia and New Zealand and the impact of the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment (Amendment) Act in 2018.

    Starting at MYR 850.00

  10. View details Anti-Money Laundering and Financial Crime Laws in Malaysia
    Author(s): Allan Suman Pillai, Associate Professor Dr Mohd Yazid bin Zul Kepli
    Publication Date: July 2022
    eBookBook (Soft cover)
    This book details the most up-to-date laws, legislations, cases, regulations, international frameworks and provides a practical guidance towards its implementation.

    Apply promo code LNBDLE23 to get 30% off when you purchase both Book + eBook.


    Starting at MYR 280.00

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