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Land and Conveyancing

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  1. View details Hong Kong Conveyancing Law - Ninth Edition
    Publication Date: November 2022
    Book (Hardback)eBook

    Authors: Judith Sihombing

    The ninth edition of the Hong Kong Conveyancing Law re-examines “property” in the traditional sense as assets become computerised and digitised. While land continues to be a fundamental part of property transactions in the world of conveyancing, traditional property principles, such as equitable relief against forfeiture of a licence, have been revisited and even revived.

    Starting at HK$ 2,000.00

  2. View details Conveyancing and Property Litigation in Hong Kong - Second E...
    Publication Date: February 2019
    Book (Hardback)

    Author: Andrew Mak

    Conveyancing and Property Litigation in Hong Kong provides much-needed guidance and insight in this important area of the law. High-profile areas, as identified by important recent cases, are covered in a practical and succinct manner, with a focus on areas of difficulty. Particular emphasis is given to the practical aspects of conveyancing litigation procedure, and the unique difficulties encountered in Hong Kong. Highly topical issues are covered in detail, including new chapters on Small Village House Litigation (Chapter 12) and Water Seepage Litigation (Chapter 13).

    Sample Chapter | Table of Contents

    HK$ 1,500.00
  3. View details Planning Law in Hong Kong
    Publication Date: April 2018
    Book (Hardback)

    Author: John Litton QC, Kate Olley

    A new and comprehensive title on Planning Law in Hong Kong.

    Sample Chapter | Table of Contents

    HK$ 2,100.00
  4. View details Land Compensation and Valuation Law in Hong Kong - Fourth Ed...
    Publication Date: April 2017
    Book (Hardback)

    Author(s): Gordon Cruden, Liza-Jane Cruden

    Land Compensation and Valuation Law in Hong Kong first published in 1986 has during the intervening 30 years become one of the most frequently cited and relied upon property law textbooks in the area.

    HK$ 2,200.00
  5. View details Hong Kong Tenancy Law - Sixth Edition
    Publication Date: December 2016
    Book (Hardback)

    Author(s): Malcolm Merry

    Detailed coverage of landlord and tenant law in Hong Kong.

    HK$ 2,000.00