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  1. View details Principles of Arbitration in Hong Kong
    Publication Date: June 2023
    eBookBook (Soft cover)

    Authors: Ken To, Julian Yeung

    Principles of Arbitration in Hong Kong draws on the practical and academic experience of its authors' time as arbitration practitioners, both as party counsels as well as adjudicators. Drawing on current case law, this text considers the common issues that arise in arbitration in Hong Kong and seeks to reduce the issues into basic principles upon which readers can quickly reference in their own research and study.

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  2. View details Butterworths Hong Kong Immigration Law Handbook – Fourth Edi...
    Publication Date: May 2023
    Book (Soft cover)eBook

    Authors: Yang-Wahn Hew, Kevin Lau

    Butterworths Hong Kong Immigration Law Handbook - Fourth Edition contains new material, cases, and commentary on various sections of Cap.115. Some of the key updates include the contents and impact of the 2021 amendments to the Ordinance which relate primarily to the processing of torture / non-refoulement claims at Part VIIC and Schedule 1A of Cap.115 as well as recent case law on the same topic, including those relating to the handling of child claimants, the rule in Browne v Dunn in proceedings before the Torture Claims Appeal Board, and the potential impact of the amendments to section 37ZT on the late filing of notices of appeal.

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  3. View details Butterworths Hong Kong Banking Law Handbook - Sixth Edition
    Publication Date: April 2023
    Book (Soft cover)eBook

    Authors: Kevin Lee, Joshua Baker

    Butterworths Hong Kong Banking Law Handbook - Sixth Edition includes new material, cases, and commentary on various sections of Cap.155. Some of the key updates include:

    • The SFC's updated Fit and Proper Guidelines for persons applying for licences and registrations under the Securities and Futures Ordinance (Cap.571)
    • Delayed prosecution and abuse of process

    The Code of Banking Practice

    Starting at HK$ 2,262.00

  4. View details Civil Procedure in Hong Kong - Seventh Edition
    Publication Date: March 2023
    Book (Hardback)eBook

    Authors: Eric Cheung, Carter Chim, Gary Meggitt

    In 2021, in addition to general updates for each topic that enable readers to keep abreast of the latest developments in procedural laws in civil litigation, this title has substantially revised the part on legal professional privilege to discuss the recent judicial developments both in Hong Kong and other common law jurisdictions and the unsettled areas in this regard. It also raises an interesting and important discussion as to whether “legal advice privilege” and “litigation privilege” should be treated as two “distinct conceptual animals” instead of “two branches of the same tree”, as explained by the Canadian Supreme Court in Blank v Canada (Minister for Justice) [2006] 2 SCR 319. How that may affect the scope and application of the two heads of privilege in Hong Kong remains to be seen.

    This seventh edition also includes an entirely new chapter on judicial review. Not only does it provide a step-by-step guide for those who may need to handle judicial review proceedings, but it also explains the boundary of judicial review by reference to the administrative court’s jurisdiction, the concept of justiciability, and the administrative court’s discretion. It is a user-friendly chapter, especially for those who are not familiar with judicial review.

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