Hong Kong Civil Court Practice (Desk Edition 2024)

The Hong Kong Civil Court Practice - Desk Edition 2024 contains the most updated text on the rules of the High Court of Hong Kong with full commentary. Many accomplished practicioners and academics have contributed to this collaborative effort throughout its inception since 1994. The Desk Edition is currently maintained by Julienne Jen.

Publication Date: January 2024

Publisher: LexisNexis

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Some of the key updates in the Desk Edition 2024 include:-

a. Minebea Cambodia Co Ltd v Zhao Jin Fang (trading as Anzhan Industrial & Commercial Co) [2022] HKCU 5336, [2022] HKCFI 3325 in which declaratory relief was granted in default in a number of email fraud cases, contrary to the usual practice where the court would not grant such a relief without a trial;

b. Tang Wing Hung Albert (formerly known as Tang Shun Tai) v Law Chau Fat [2022] 5 HKC 664, [2022] HKCA 1002 wherein it was held that the excess amount of security paid in would not stand as security for other unpaid costs in the proceedings;

c. Lee Yuk Tsan & Anor v So Kwai Chung & Anor [2022] 6 HKC 117, [2022] HKCFI 2235 wherein it was held that where an action has been struck out previously, the court has the power to restore a claim or counterclaim but for costs only; 

d. The updated interest rates on judgment debts from 1 January 2023 onwards; 

e. JTM324 Strategic Advisors, Inc v Permex Co Ltd [2023] HKCU 632, [2023] HKCFI 403 wherein it was held that notwithstanding Practice Direction 5.4, which seems to suggest that skeleton arguments may not be applicable to hearings fixed less than 30 minutes, where an applicant is asking the court for a substantive order in a call-over hearing, it is essential to lodge skeleton arguments in support as there is usually not enough time for the parties to develop their arguments verbally; and

f. Aberope Proprietary Ltd v Hao Jimmy [2023] HKCU 1011, [2023] HKCFI 714 wherein it was held to be possible for a defendant to apply to set aside a default judgment against a fellow defendant.

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