Ho & Hall's Hong Kong Contract Law - Sixth Edition

Author: Professor Stephen Hall

Ho & Hall's Hong Kong Contract Law Sixth edition comprehensively updates the law of contract as it applies in Hong Kong and revises and clarifies statements of the law in a number of areas. It incorporates significant developments in all areas including, most notably, implied terms, offer and acceptance, contractual intention, interpretation of terms, implied terms, misrepresentation, rectification, economic duress, severance of restrictive covenants, third party rights, negotiating damages, penalties, and promissory estoppel.

Publication Date: July 2022

Publisher: LexisNexis

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Ho & Hall's Hong Kong Contract Law authored by Stephen Hall, is a comprehensive work which expertly identifies the unique local characteristics of Hong Kong contact law. The text balances theoretical and policy discussion with practical considerations, including clear illustrative examples of the law at work. The late Professor Betty M Ho was the author of this work’s influential first and second editions (titled Hong Kong Contract Law). The sixth edition continues to build on Professor Ho’s legacy.

1 Introduction

2 Agreement

3 Consideration

4 Intention

5 Form of Contract

6 Contents of a Contract

7 Misrepresentation

8 Mistake

9 Duress, Undue Influence and Unconscionability

10 Incapacity

11 Illegality

12 Joint Obligations and Joint Rights

13 Privity

14 Assignment

15 Performance

16 Discharge and Variation by agreement

17 Discharge by frustration

18 Discharge by breach

19 Remedies For Breach Of Contract

20 Limitation of actions

21 Estoppel

22 Unjust enrichment

23 Conflict of laws

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