Paget's Law of Banking - 16th Edition

Authors: John Odgers KC, Ian Wilson KC

The banking law bible

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Publication Date: August 2023

Publisher: LNUK

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First published in 1904, Paget's Law of Banking has established itself as the leading practitioner text on banking law. The new edition builds on its history as the banking law bible, whilst reflecting the changing world in which banks operate.

The 16th edition continues to provide a comprehensive, clear and accurate statement on the law of banking, with a particular emphasis on the principles that underpin the case law.

  • Definitive practitioner work on banking law returns fully updated and expanded
  • A unique reference source to keep you up to date in a changing regulatory environment
  • Eminent authors from 3 Verulam Buildings and the Financial Ombudsman Service

The new edition includes:

  • Recent case law across all topics, including developments in Guarantees and in Consumer Credit
  • A new Part on Consumer Redress, with 2 brand new chapters on The Financial Ombudsman Service and Authorised Push Payment Fraud
  • Substantially enhanced treatment on international sanctions


3 Verulam Buildings

  • General Editor: Ian Wilson KC
  • Robert Purves
  • Tom De Vecchi
  • Anthony Pavlovich
  • Adam Kramer KC
  • Calum Mulderrig
  • Rumen Cholakov
  • Anne Jeavons
  • Christopher Burdin
  • Scott Ralston
  • Paul Bonner Hughes
  • Matthew Watson
  • William Edwards
  • Ian Higgins
  • Theodor van Sante
  • James McWilliams
  • Emmanuel Sheppard
  • James Potts
  • Nathaniel Bird
  • Ravi Jackson
  • Christopher Harris KC
  • Victor Steinmetz

Financial Ombudsman Service

  • General Editor: John Odgers KC
  • Alex Askew
  • James Stewart
  • Salina Akhtar
  • Catherine Robert
  • David Northfield

One Essex Court

  • Sandy Phipps

Oxford University

  • Christopher Hare, Associate Professor of Law

 Part I: The Regulatory Framework

 Part II: Banks and Customers

 Part III: Bank Lending

 Part IV: Security

 Part V: Customer Insolvency

 Part VI: Payments

 Part VII: Investments and Financial Products

 Part VIII: Interference by Third Parties

 Part IX: Letters of Credit and Performance Bonds

 Part X: Consumer Redress