Butterworths Hong Kong Insurance Law Handbook – First Edition

Author: Serina KS Chan, Sabrina SY Ho

In its first edition, this handbook will be an essential resource for anyone seeking to gain a key understanding of laws governing insurance in Hong Kong. This handbook presents the text of the Insurance Ordinance (Cap 41), together with all relevant subsidiary legislation. It contains amendment notes, carefully researched case authorities, expert commentary, key definitions, and other authoritative material presented in a concise and succinct style.

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Publication Date: June 2020

Publisher: LexisNexis

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On 23 September 2019, the independent Insurance Authority (“IA”) was established, which has significantly transformed the insurance industry regulatory infrastructure in Hong Kong. Financially and operationally independent, the IA is vested with licensing, supervision and disciplinary powers over insurers and insurance intermediaries, and its formation can be considered the most considerable reform initiative in the insurance industry. With these developments in mind, this Handbook reproduces the text of the Insurance Ordinance (Cap 41) and all relevant subsidiary legislation as currently in force, together with a concise and straightforward introduction to the principles and current developments of insurance law in Hong Kong. Section-by-section annotations encompass significant judicial decisions, as well as notes ranging from definitions of words and phrases to discussion on practical aspects and contentious issues. In addition, cross-references are made to subsidiary legislation and to tables and forms where necessary. This Handbook will be an essential companion for lawyers, businesspersons, in-house counsel, academics and all those who are engaged with or interested in insurance law in Hong Kong.

Introduction to Insurance Ordinance

Insurance Ordinance (Cap. 41)

Insurance (Actuaries’ Qualifications) Regulation (Cap. 41A)

Insurance (Prescribed Fees) Regulation (Cap. 41B)

Insurance (Authorization and Annual Fees) Regulation (Cap. 41C)

Insurance Companies (Miscellaneous Fees) Regulation (Cap. 41D)

Insurance (Determination of Long Term Liabilities) Rules (Cap. 41E)

Insurance (Margin of Solvency) Rules (Cap. 41F)

Insurance (General Business) (Valuation) Rules (Cap. 41G)

Insurance (Actuaries’ Standards) Rules (Cap. 41H)

Insurance (Levy) Regulation (Cap. 41I)

Insurance (Levy) Order (Cap. 41J)

Insurance (Maximum Number of Authorized Insurers) Rules (Cap. 41K)

Insurance (Financial and Other Requirements for Licensed Insurance Broker Companies) Rules (Cap. 41L)

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