Butterworths Hong Kong Competition Law Handbook - Third Edition

Authors: Carter Chim


The Butterworths Hong Kong Competition Law Handbook (Third Edition) is a detailed work of reference concerning the Competition Ordinance (Cap 619). This title reproduces the text of the Ordinance along with section-by section annotations, which include key definitions of words and phrases, discussion on practical aspects and contentious issues, cross-jurisdictional comparisons with similar territories, and other authoritative material.

Publication Date: October 2023

Publisher: LexisNexis

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The Third Edition has been updated with all the decisions that have been made by the Competition Tribunal. The seminal judgments handed down by the Competition Tribunal on the First Conduct Rule of the Competition Ordinance are explained in detail, clarifying a number of fundamental issues such as the standard of proof in a public enforcement action brought by the Competition Commission, the burden and standard of proof for raising an efficiency defence, the “Kam Kwong” procedure, and the calculation of pecuniary penalties.


This new edition includes, inter alia, the following: 

(a) References to all decisions made by the Competition Tribunal since September 2020; and 

(b) Updates on the Competition Tribunal’s approach to procedural matters such as adducing expert reports, the setting up of the confidentiality ring, etc.

Regulation (Cap 619C)

Competition Tribunal Rules (Cap 619D)

Competition Tribunal Fees Rules (Cap 619E)

Competition Tribunal Suitors’ Funds Rules (Cap 619F)

Competition (Fees) Regulation (Cap 619G)

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