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  1. View details Australian Uniform Evidence Law: Principles and Context, 2nd edition
    Author(s): Geoffrey Bellew , John K Arthur, Gideon Boas, Pascale Chifflet, Ilija Vickovich
    ISBN: 9780409356489
    Publication Date: July 2022

    An essential guide to Australian uniform evidence law

    Starting at AUD$ 145.00

  2. View details Institutional abuse of children: Legal remedies and redress in Australia, 2nd edition
    Author(s): Tina Cockburn, Bill Madden, Benjamin Madden
    ISBN: 9780409355659
    Publication Date: June 2023

    A must-have book on the legal framework governing claims for compensation and redress from sexual child abuse in institutional settings in Australia.

    Starting at AUD$ 150.00

  3. View details Hutley’s Australian Wills Precedents, 10th edition
    Author(s): Craig Birtles, Caroline Sims, Richard Neal
    ISBN: 9780409351835
    Publication Date: January 2021

    Hutley's Australian Wills Precedents has become the essential reference work on the art of will drafting in Australia.

    Starting at AUD$ 268.99

  4. View details Delegated Legislation in Australia, 6th edition
    Author(s): Dennis Pearce, Stephen Argument
    ISBN: 9780409353716
    Publication Date: January 2023

    An authoritative guide to subordinate legislation, parliamentary review and judicial review

    Starting at AUD$ 315.00

  5. View details Torts: Principles, Skills & Application
    Author(s): Murray Greenway, John Devereux, Andrew Clarke, Julia Day
    ISBN: 9780409348514

    Torts: Principles, Skills & Application is a practical introduction to tort law principles and practice

    Starting at AUD$ 142.00

  6. View details Civil Procedure: Commentary and Materials, 8th edition
    Author(s): Stephen Colbran, Peta Spender, Tania Penovic
    ISBN: 9780409354263
    Publication Date: May 2022

    An essential resource on civil procedure for students and practitioners

    Starting at AUD$ 162.00

  7. View details Waller & Williams Criminal Law Text and Cases, 14th edition and Criminal Law Elements, 7th edition (Bun...
    ISBN: 9780001551657
    Publication Date: February 2023

    Waller & Williams Criminal Law Text and Cases, 14th edition

    Criminal Law Elements, 7th edition

    AUD$ 193.60
  8. View details Control of Government Action Text, Cases and Commentary, 6th edition
    Author(s): Robin Creyke, Matthew Groves, John McMillan, Mark Smyth
    ISBN: 9780409353150
    Publication Date: December 2021

    Comprehensive and authoritative coverage of administrative law in Australia

    Starting at AUD$ 149.00

  9. View details Defamation Law in Australia, 4th edition
    Author: Patrick George
    ISBN: 9780409352573
    Publication Date: December 2022

    An expert analysis of key issues in the first major reform to model defamation provisions since 2005

    Starting at AUD$ 234.99

  10. View details Australian Corporate Law, 8th edition
    Author(s): Catherine Brown, Anil Hargovan, Michael Adams
    ISBN: 9780409356441
    Publication Date: July 2023

    A comprehensive text on the law of corporations in Australia

    Starting at AUD$ 149.00

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