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  1. View details Hayes & Eburn Criminal Law and Procedure in New South Wales, 7th edition
    Author(s): Roderick Howie, Paul Sattler, Marissa Hood
    ISBN: 9780409355260
    Publication Date: December 2022

    Clear, accessible coverage of the basic principles of the NSW criminal justice system

    Starting at AUD$ 155.00

  2. View details Waller & Williams Criminal Law Text and Cases, 14th edition
    Author(s): Steven Tudor, Bronwyn Naylor, Stephen Gray , Thomas Crofts , Penny Crofts, Tyrone Kirchengast
    ISBN: 9780409350883
    Publication Date: October 2020

    An authoritative source for the criminal law of New South Wales and Victoria

    Starting at AUD$ 173.00

  3. View details Carter’s Criminal Law of Queensland, 25th edition (2 Volume Set)
    Author(s): Soraya M Ryan, Anthony Rafter, Peter Callaghan, Danae Younger, Tony Moynihan, Andrew Hoare, John J Costanzo, Brian Devereaux
    ISBN: 9780409358353
    Publication Date: June 2023

    Carter's Criminal Law of Queensland is the definitive resource for anyone needing a sound understanding of the criminal law of Queensland.

    Starting at AUD$ 259.00

  4. View details Annotated Fair Work and Related Legislation, 2023 edition
    Author(s): Michael Byrnes, Ian Latham, Erik Young, Joe Catanzariti, Ben Dudley
    ISBN: 9780409358377
    Publication Date: August 2023

    Essential employment law reference for students and practitioners alike

    The 2023 edition of Annotated Fair Work Act & Related Legislation consolidates key employment legislation current to 1 July 2023 into one handy resource.

    Starting at AUD$ 185.00

  5. Australian Migration Legislation Collection January 2024
    View details Australian Migration Legislation Collection January 2024
    Author(s): Sherene Ozyurek, Rodger Fernandez
    ISBN: 9780409359527
    Publication Date: January 2024

    2 Volume set - providing key migration legislation, select legislative instruments and an authoritative overview of Australian migration law and visa application procedures.

    Starting at AUD$ 334.99

  6. View details Annotated Criminal Legislation NSW, 2023-2024
    Author(s): Peter Johnson, Roderick Howie
    ISBN: 9780409358766
    Publication Date: December 2023

    The essential criminal law resource for New South Wales.

    Starting at AUD$ 172.00

  7. View details Law of Executors and Administrators
    Author: Gino Dal Pont
    ISBN: 9780409354294
    Publication Date: September 2022

    A substantive review and analysis of the law

    Starting at AUD$ 300.00

  8. View details Sackville & Neave Australian Property Law, 11th edition
    Author(s): Pamela O’Connor, Andrew Godwin, Leon Terrill, Chris Rossiter, Brendan Edgeworth
    ISBN: 9780409352092
    Publication Date: December 2020

    An authoritative and complete resource for Australian property law

    Starting at AUD$ 177.00

  9. View details Company Directors: Principles of Law and Corporate Governance, 2nd edition
    Author: Ian Ramsay
    ISBN: 9780409337884
    Publication Date: January 2023

    Company Directors: Principles of Law and Corporate Governance is a detailed, scholarly and comprehensive analysis of corporate law and governance principles as they relate to Australian company directors.

    Starting at AUD$ 300.00

  10. View details Luntz Assessment of Damages for Personal Injury and Death, 5th edition
    Author(s): Harold Luntz, Sirko Harder
    ISBN: 9780409339468
    Publication Date: July 2021

    An essential reference for legal practitioners

    Starting at AUD$ 343.00

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