Sackville & Neave Australian Property Law, 11th edition

An authoritative and complete resource for Australian property law

Published: 20 December, 2020

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Sackville & Neave Australian Property Law provides a comprehensive review of property law covering the creation, transfer and enforceability of interests in real and personal property in all Australian jurisdictions. The conceptual issues that underpin and define the ambit of property law are clearly explained in the opening chapters to provide a sound foundation for understanding this complex area. The book then examines four broad issues with which the law of property is concerned: the fragmentation of proprietary interests, the acquisition and transfer of proprietary interests, the enforceability of proprietary interests, and related priority issues. The rules regulating the creation and enforcement of particular interests in land, including leases, easements, restrictive covenants and mortgages, are also analysed and explained.

The eleventh edition has been fully revised and updated with important recent developments in case law and legislation. There is a new section on security over personal property and a discussion of human rights and adverse possession. New cases include:

Agripower v Blomfield (fixtures)
Anderson v Anderson (joint tenancy, Torrens fraud)
Anto v Pegoraro (statutory modification and discharge of restrictive covenants)
Deguisa v Lynn (common building schemes and the Torrens System)
McFarland v Gertos (death of registered proprietor)
Pipikos v Trayans (part performance)
Re Hunt (express annexation of covenants)
Regency Villas UKSC (characteristics of easements)
• cases on parking easements, prescriptive easements and court-ordered easements


• Covers key cases and legislation and emerging issues in real and personal property law
• Comprehensive analysis enables in-depth understanding of the subject area
• Fully revised and updated to align with Property Law course work
• Clear and accessible format is eay to navigate

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